Roger L. Simon

An International Moral Court....

… met in Paris this week to investigate the crimes of the Iranian Regime. [Shouldn’t the World Court do that?-ed. As if.] Here is a preview article, their website and a fascinating report on the event by Ramin Parham. Parham’s article is in a weird way a companion piece to Hitchens‘ below. What happened to the Democratic Party? Why aren’t they in the forefront in dealing with the mullah’s perfidy? Times have certainly changed. It’s no longer surprising to me that I look to NRO for analysis like this.

“BUZZER BEATER” UPDATE: Apropos d’Iran, Belmont Club has yet another superb column. Not only did I learn many things about the mullah’s nukes (some via Carolyn Glick), but I also learned Wretchard follows the NBA from Down Under. I knew he was a man of taste.