Biden Kicks Off His 2024 Campaign by Doing What He Does Best: Lying

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Old Joe Biden broke with custom by not holding a big festive rally to announce that he was running to pretend to be president for four more years; instead, his handlers put out a canned video in the dead of night. That was such an odd move that the whispers started immediately: Is Biden still alive? Is he so far gone now that he can’t even appear in public? So on Tuesday, the regime trotted out Old Joe to make his first public appearance since announcing that he wants to continue afflicting America until he is 86 years old. And he started off his 2024 campaign by doing what he does best: lying.


Biden addressed the North America’s Building Trades Unions Legislative Conference, and in the course of his lengthy socialist ramble, he went into his Lunchbucket Joe routine. This involves Biden retailing stories that are designed to make his audience think that this craven and mendacious corruptocrat is just an ordinary guy, one of us, lovable and trustworthy. Average Joe declared: “My grandpop, who I never met — he died in the same hospital I was born in two weeks before I was born.”

Old Joe didn’t say whether he was referring to his maternal or paternal grandfather, but either way, what he said wasn’t true. His paternal grandfather, Joseph H. Biden, died on Sept. 26, 1941, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Old Joe’s maternal grandfather, A. J. Finnegan, died on May 27, 1957, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Scranton, Penn. The alleged president wasn’t born within two weeks of the deaths of either of them. He was born on Nov. 20, 1942. He was born in St. Mary’s Hospital in Scranton, where Finnegan shuffled off this mortal coil, but when Grandpop A. J. died, Young Joe was fourteen years old.

The New York Post observes laconically that “the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment or clarification on the misstatement.” Of course, they didn’t. What could they possibly say? “Yeah, Old Joe is a serial liar who likes to make up stories about his past so as to manipulate people in the present”? “Old Joe’s dementia has gotten so bad, he can’t distinguish fact from fiction anymore”? “Old Joe will say anything, literally anything, to win the sympathy and support of an audience”? There are no good choices.


What’s more, it’s hard to figure out where this particular lie was coming from and what Biden intended to accomplish by telling it. He said it in the course of claiming that switching over to green energy will be good for the economy and create jobs. This involved Old Joe telling a story about how his grandfather “worked for the American Oil Company. And his job was to open up new gas stations around the country back in the late — of the ‘20s and ‘30s.”

Joseph H. Biden did indeed work for the American Oil Company, but the bit about him dying two weeks before the putative president was born added nothing to the story and wasn’t part of the point he was making. It was just a small, homely detail designed to humanize this cynical and dishonest career kleptocrat and add a sense of veracity to the story. That makes it all the more ironic that it was a lie.

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Biden likes to lie about his family. On the campaign trail in 2019, he told a story about a Navy captain who tried to refuse a Silver Star after trying and failing to save a wounded comrade. The story wasn’t true, as even the Washington Post admitted, but it was such a good story that instead of discarding it after it was publicly revealed to be false, Old Joe tweaked it a bit and brought it into his family. In December 2022, Biden retold the same story, but this time it was about his uncle Frank being awarded a Purple Heart. It wasn’t true in that form, either.


All politicians lie, but Old Joe Biden is unusual in so rarely doing anything but lying. He is such an accomplished and relentless liar that if politicians were given a prize for lying elaborately and often, it would be called the Joe Biden Award. In this, he is the perfect frontman for the regime that bears his name, even if he isn’t actually the one making the decisions, because the Biden regime as a whole is as cynical and dishonest as Joe is. A regime bent on forcing us all to acknowledge that men can become women and vice versa (among myriad other lies) is just what one would expect once this serial liar became president.



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