Arizona State Rep Caught Hiding Bibles. Guess Which Party She Belongs To

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It was a mystery in the Arizona state House: first a pair of Bibles disappeared from the members-only lounge of the Arizona House of Representatives. Then a third Bible vanished as well. While the holy books were eventually found, two hidden under chair cushions and the third stashed in a refrigerator, no one knew why they were disappearing. Finally, security cameras were installed and the culprit was caught red-handed, taking a Bible off the table and placing it somewhere outside of the view of the camera. The Bible purloiner turned out to be Arizona state Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, and even though you probably haven’t heard of her before this, you already know all of her positions on every issue.


Fox News reported Tuesday that the Arizona House “was alerted about the mysterious disappearance of a pair of Holy Bibles on March 23, which are normally left on display in the House’s members-only lounge, according to a statehouse source.” The lounge is a “restricted area” where “members of the House can go if they need to take a call or meet with other representatives or senior staff members in between votes.” While people who aren’t Arizona state representatives can enter the lounge, they have to be accompanied by an escort while there.

While there are security cameras in many areas of the state House building, there weren’t any in the members-only lounge until the Bibles started disappearing. So security personnel installed some cameras there, and “on April 10, when House members were in session, a third incident occurred, this time with the pair of Bibles in the lounge once again going missing from their locations.”

On camera was Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (Fox’s report refers to her as Stahl-Hamilton, but neither her bio on her website nor her Twitter feed has the hyphen), who is, of course, a Democrat. Fox notes that “in a video posted to Twitter by a reporter with CBS 5 in Arizona, the reporter approached Stahl-Hamilton to ask her why she was hiding the Bibles. She declined to comment, and instead, walked away from the reporter.” All right. But it’s reasonable to surmise that someone who takes publicly available Bibles and hides them is someone who doesn’t like the Bible very much, and doesn’t want people consulting it. And a glance through Stahl Hamilton’s Twitter feed reveals all the expected far-Left positions.


Stephanie Stahl Hamilton loves the Tennessee Three, who led a raucous anti-gun protest in the Tennessee assembly, haranguing the representatives with a bullhorn about the need to disarm law-abiding citizens. She is very worried about climate change and is committed to green energy projects. She is against a border wall and for abortion. In fact, you know where she stands on everything: just consult the Democratic party platform or turn on MSNBC. The Democrats appear to have ever-increasing hatred and contempt for Christianity, and now here is a Democrat official hiding Bibles.

The wild card is this tidbit from Stahl Hamilton’s bio at her website: “After completing her Masters of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary, Stephanie and Derek made Tucson their home. She is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, USA and is currently serving as Parish Associate at St. Mark’s.” It may seem strange that an ordained minister would apparently want to impede people’s access to the Bible, but Stephanie Stahl Hamilton is a minister with the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA), which is essentially the far-Left at prayer.

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The PCUSA has for quite some time been a hollowed-out shell teaching social justice Leftism in vaguely Christian garb, and so it’s no surprise that someone like Stephanie Stahl Hamilton would be an abortion advocate, a hider of Bibles, and an ordained minister of the PCUSA all at once. The PCUSA is wholly and solely an effort to give Leftism an air of sanctity; in 2021 it actually published a hymn to climate change:


The climate is changing! Creation cries out!
Your people face flooding and fire and drought.
We see the great heat waves and storms at their worst.
We pray for the poor, Lord — for they suffer first.

We pray for the animals here in our midst
who cannot defend their own right to exist.
We pray for the mountains and forests and seas
that bear the harsh footprint of our human greed.

Who needs the Bible when you’re turning out stuff as inspiring as that? The Bible could never match the PCUSA for wokeness. The pious state rep was likely just striking a blow against patriarchy and all that. If the PCUSA leaders hear about this, they’re liable to give her an award.


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