It Turns Out New York Is Not Quite as Welcoming Toward Illegals as They're Made Out to Be

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If there’s one thing I hate about politics, it’s sanctimony. The dictionary defines “sanctimony” as “pretended, affected, or hypocritical religious devotion, righteousness, etc.” And for most politicians from any political party anywhere in the world, sanctimony substitutes for genuine emotion.


American politicians thrive on uttering sanctimonious drivel about any and all issues. And on the issue of illegal aliens and sanctuary cities, some politicians lay the sanctimony on like a second coat of paint.

It’s a fanciful reading of history to say that New York City has “welcomed” immigrants “with open arms. In fact, immigrants are treated more like the “wretched refuse” they’re described as on the Statue of Liberty.

Yes, there are individual exceptions. But by and large, people may declaim about welcoming illegal aliens but behind the scenes, it’s an entirely different story.


Fox News:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday that every New York City community would see asylum seekers in the coming days.

“Staten Island and other communities, they are going to – everyone is going to see asylum seekers. So, all the calls that I’m getting from elected officials, all the calls that I’m hearing from people of saying, you know, ‘Please, not here…’ That just can’t happen. This is a citywide crisis and all of us are going to be impacted. Staten Island is going to be impacted like the other four boroughs.”

So, maybe not so welcoming after all.

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That Adams felt it necessary to remind his fellow Democratic politicians that everyone was going to share in the burdens — and the risks — of hosting illegal aliens is telling. He points out that talking a good sanctuary-city game isn’t enough anymore. The politicians have to stand and deliver.

“No, you can’t have it both ways. Either we’re in this together, or we’re not. And, I’m not listening to that. No one gets a pass during an emergency. Everyone must do their share. And if they’re willing to stand up and hold a press conference in a district and say, ‘we don’t want any asylum seekers here,’ then they can do that. If not, we’re going to look at any available space to find it,” he said.


“But, far too many of the loudest have become silent when it’s time to do what they have been advocating for. That’s what’s interesting,” Adams added.

The same is true for any other sanctuary city — their benevolence only goes as far as their tolerance for dealing with the problems of feeding, clothing, and housing the newcomers.



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