Feel the Unity: Biden Would Support Moving MLB All-Star Game Out of Georgia

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The hysterical opposition to Georgia’s election law reform is becoming weirder and weirder. The criticism has become a “Can you top this?” game of proving who is more outraged and who can use evermore apocalyptic language to describe how bad the law is.


In another age, another context, it would be comical. Unfortunately, these people are totally serious about their cynical ploy to goose minority turnout by demonizing the opposition and turning a common-sense bill that expands voting opportunities for all into a tool of Satan that “restricts” and “suppresses” the votes of blacks and other minorities.

Major League Baseball is being urged to boycott Georgia by moving its midsummer classic, the All-Star Game, from Atlanta to some other state, presumably not one that’s even contemplating any election security bills. Naturally, Joe Biden has jumped into the fray, trying to top “over the top” by referring to the law as “Jim Crow on steroids.”

“I think today’s professional athletes are acting incredibly responsibly,” Biden told ESPN’s Sage Steele in an interview. “I would strongly support them doing that. People look to them. They’re leaders.”


Biden’s comments joined a growing chorus of voices that have called on the MLB to move its marquee summertime game out of Cobb County, as part of a larger effort to boycott organizations headquartered in the state that have remained silent on the voting rights issue, as well as major sporting events, including golf’s annual Masters Tournament.

The new law would add an ID requirement to absentee ballots, shorten runoffs in the state after two high-profile Republican losses and strip the secretary of state from the state election board.

“Look at what’s happened across the board. The very people who are victimized the most are the people who are the leaders in these various sports, and it’s just not right,” Biden said. “This is Jim Crow on steroids, what they’re doing in Georgia and 40 other states.”

Millionaire ballplayers are being “victimized the most”? Get a grip, old-timer.

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In addition to outright lies, Democrats are criminally exaggerating the effects of the law in order to frighten blacks and other minorities to show up at the polls and vote. They were shocked at the increase in the minority Republican vote in 2020 and since their party hasn’t had a new idea since the 1970s, they needed a vehicle with which to demonize the Republican Party.

A non-partisan media might have played referee and called a foul on the Democrats’ tactics. Instead, they are mercilessly piling on and raising the hysteria level.

Washington Examiner:

To understand how flimsy and unwarranted the accusations are and how misleading the media coverage has been, one need only look at how far from the facts their characterizations have been.

Biden himself misled about the Georgia voting law during his first press conference, claiming that it forced polling places to close at 5 p.m., “so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over.” In fact, the law merely requires polling places during early voting to stay open until at least 5 p.m., giving them discretion to stay open until 7 p.m. This is an expansion of voting hours, not a contraction of them.

Biden was fact-checked about that whopper but the matter was quickly dropped in the press to concentrate on the real crime: preventing people from handing out water to sweltering voters waiting in line to vote.

Alas, that too is a lie.

Another provision that has somehow aroused all sorts of anger in the media is the one barring political campaigners from bribing voters with money, food, water, etc., within 150 feet of a polling place. This provision is already the law in many states, including New York. Liberals are not suddenly outraged by it. The outrage is entirely manufactured and disingenuous. Election workers and community volunteers will still be permitted to distribute food and water to voters in line.

Blacks make up 32.7 percent of the population of Atlanta — the largest black population of any major city – so it’s a mystery why MLB wants to move the All-Star Game from there. The tens of millions of dollars that would pour into the coffers of black businesses by Atlanta hosting the All-Star Game will now flow into the coffers of others.

The city of Atlanta would be a loser by moving the game. The people of Georgia would be losers. The only winners are those who want the game moved to prove a political point, no more.

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