60 Questions to Provoke Debates About How to Fix Our Popular Culture


Editor’s Note: We’re launching some new discussions and debates this winter in dialogue with the new fiction publishing company Liberty Island. See the previous installments: David S. Bernstein on November 19: “5 Leaders of the New Conservative Counter-Culture,” and Dave Swindle on November 25, “7 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Will Be My Last Day on Facebook.” Some of the questions from the PJ Lifestyle Pop Culture debates feature from over the summer might make for good starting point as we start to consider the novels coming this month, SuperEgo by Frank J. Fleming and  The Big Bang (Lonesome George Chronicles Book 1) by Roy M Griffis. To learn more about Liberty Island and to see some of the writers contributing see the most recent collection of interviews and story excerpts: “How To Join This Unique Team of 33 Creative Writers. ” Submissions are due in a week for their current Writing Contest seeking messed-up Holiday short stories. Details here


Which Fantasy and Science Fiction Trends Should We Embrace?

  1. What If Obi-Wan Wanted to Tell Luke The Truth About His Father But Yoda Overruled Him?
  2. Who Are the Most Terrifying Figures in Fantasy Fiction and Films?
  3. Which Fantasy Stories Most Inspire You to Want to Fight For Freedom?
  4. Star Trek, Star Wars, Both, or Neither?
  5. Who Are the Scariest Science Fiction and Fantasy Villains of All Time?
  6. DC Vs. Marvel: Which Company Created a More Compelling Fictional Universe?
  7. What Are The Best Time Travel Stories?
  8. Is Game of Thrones Good Or Bad For Fantasy?
  9. Star Trek (of any Flavor), or Babylon Five? That *Is* the Question.’ Regards, Allston
  10. Who Are the Best Characters in the Star Trek Universe?
  11. How Would You Rank the Star Trek Movies?

What Are the Best and Worst in Film?

  1. Who Is Today’s Most Overrated Filmmaker?
  2. What Is Oliver Stone’s Worst Movie?
  3. What Is the Coen Brothers’ Best Movie?
  4. Is Wolf of Wall Street One of Martin Scorsese’s Worst Films?
  5. Who Is the Gen-X Woody Allen? Linklater Vs. Smith Vs. Baumbach
  6. What Are Stanley Kubrick’s Greatest Films?

What Makes For Innovative TV?

  1. What Is the Most Shocking Crime Drama on TV Today?
  2. What TV Shows Were the Most Ahead of Their Time?
  3. What Are the Top 5 Episodes of The Prisoner?
  4. Is The Prisoner TV’s Greatest Cult Classic?
  5. Is The Prisoner Actually a Continuation of Secret Agent?
  6. Who Are Your Favorite Fictional Moms?

Geeks In Love: 8 Questions To Spark Passionate Debates About Video Games and Chick Flicks

  1. What Are the Top 10 Classic Nintendo Games?
  2. What Are the Most Overrated Video Game Franchises?
  3. Which Generation of Nintendo Game Consoles Gave You the Most Joy?
  4. Do Some Violent Video Games Actually Inspire Real World Killing?
  5. Which Video Games Should Be Respected As Art?
  6. What Are the Best Romantic Comedies Of All Time?
  7. What Is the Difference Between a ‘Chick Flick’ and A Romantic Comedy?
  8. Who Are Your Favorite Fictional Married Couples?

Adaptation Success

  1. What Creative Magic Makes Some Adaptations Succeed and Others Fail?
  2. Which Video Games Should Be Adapted Into Films or TV Shows?
  3. Is It Better To Adapt Books as Netflix Shows and TV Mini-Series Instead of Films?
  4. What Are the 10 Most Disastrous Comic Book Adaptations?
  5. Lord of the Rings Vs. Harry Potter: Which Film Series Better Captured their Books’ Spirit?
  6. Which Science Fiction Novels Should Be Made into Films and TV Miniseries?

Questions So We Can Figure Out the Cream of the Crop In Popular Music Genres

  1. Are Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones Better Than the Beatles?
  2. Who Are the Greatest Country Music Artists Everyone Should Have In Their Collection?
  3. Who Are the Greatest Female Vocalists Of All Time?
  4. What Are the 5 Essential Rap and Hip-Hop Albums?
  5. What Are the Most Badass Punk Rock Songs?
  6. How Did Your Music Tastes Change As You Grew Older?
  7. What Are the Most Overrated Beatles Songs?
  8. Which Classical Music Recordings Do You Listen to The Most?
  9. What Is the Most Under-appreciated Beatles Song?
  10. Who Are the Most Disturbing Figures in Music History?

Bonus: Music Questions from This Fall’s season of “Allston’s Afternoon Rockout” featuring tracks from the music lists of PJ Lifestyle’s classic rock guru.

  1. What Are the Most Essential Clash Tracks?
  2. Who Are the Coolest Women of Rock?
  3. Is ‘Free Bird’ The All-Time Greatest Guitar Song?
  4. How Would You Rank David Bowie’s Best Songs?
  5. Which Tracks Define the ‘Proto-Punk’ Sound?
  6. Can You Name a Bad Led Zeppelin Track?
  7. What Are the Best Songs For Driving Fast Across America?
  8. Who Are Your Favorite Rock Drummers?

What issues and controversies in popular culture do you want to see analyzed, debated, and explored in the coming months at PJ Lifestyle? What problems do you see as most serious and what kind of media should be made to counteract them?


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