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Who Are Your Favorite Fictional Moms?

Which mothers in pop culture, film, and literature do you cherish?

PJ Lifestyle Pop Culture Debates!


May 11, 2014 - 5:47 am

In partnership with the new fiction publishing platform Liberty Island, PJ Lifestyle is going to begin promoting and co-hosting a series of debates and discussions about popular culture. The goal is to figure out what works and what doesn’t so that in the future we can promote and create better fiction and culture of our own. These are public brainstorming sessions for writers and culture advocates interested in developing a more vibrant popular culture. You’re invited to submit your answers to any of these questions — or a related one of your own! — that interests you:

A) in the comments

B) Via email to PJ Lifestyle editor Dave Swindle.

C) at your blog, then let us know in the comments or via email. 

The most interesting answers may be linked, crossposted, or published at PJ Lifestyle. 

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PJ Lifestyle Pop Culture Debates Features a new prompt each weekday to weigh the good, the bad, the overrated, the unbelievable, and the amazing throughout the worlds of books, film, and TV. We can't figure out how to build a greater pop culture until we dissect the mess we already have. Want to contribute your perspective to the debate? Email PJ Lifestyle editor Dave Swindle with your take: DaveSwindlePJM [@] Image via shutterstock/ DarkGeometryStudios

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All Comments   (5)
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Samantha Caine (Charly Baltimore) from "The Long Kiss Goodnight"
I grew up with the 'bellicose' women of my family. Nurturing, loving, and completely capable of protecting what is theirs. Also, Samantha Caine represents how we can choose who to be, as she protects her daughter and returns to the life of wife and mother, in spite of the darkness of Charly Baltimore (while not denying Baltimore's darkness) making her 'cover' into her reality.
42 weeks ago
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Mrs. Weasley who could have a complete tempter tantrum at her sons, while still presenting a welcoming face to Harry Potter.
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
Sigourney Weaver playing Ripley, in Aliens. When she discovered Newt was alive she geared up, lit the flamethrower and rescued her daughter from the alien Queen. That's love. That's a mom for you!
42 weeks ago
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Marge Gunderson from the movie "Fargo".
42 weeks ago
42 weeks ago Link To Comment
I was going to say Lillian Galbraith, but she was real.

Rosa Lee (played by Tess Harper) from "Tender Mercies"
42 weeks ago
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