Mother Loses Her Mind When a 'Racist' White Teacher Touches Her Daughter's Hair

Looking at me you might think I'm a white girl from an all white family who immigrated to America from some all white country that highly prizes white bread and mayonnaise. You would be wrong (like most people who make assumptions about skin color). My mother's mother was born in Jamaica to missionaries. Her white brothers both married black women, which was highly unusual for a time when interracial marriage was not legal in many places, and they had children with skin the color of coffee and cream and springy, beautiful hair. Thus began the very diverse family that is my own. I'm the only white person I know whose grandmother speaks patois. I have cousins of all colors, whether through adoption or marriage, and we have had our share of hearing disparaging comments from friends and strangers. Racism exists and it's ugly no matter where it comes from.

Today's depressing addition to what's wrong with America is an article written by a black mother who sent her daughter to school in a headband without tying her hair up because she ran out of time. (Story of my life, lady. I get it. It happens.) What is shocking and sad about her diatribe is what happened when her little girl asked her white teacher to put her hair up for her because she was hot. The teacher complied and tied it up the best she could. But when the mother saw her daughter had been touched by a white person, all hell broke loose:

I was furious. My blood was boiling, and there were no nice words I could find...While I’m 100 percent sure the teacher had no ill intentions when she decided to do my childs [sic] hair, but more so just wanted to get her hands in some Black hair. Against my better judgment, I assumed the unspoken rule about not touching Black hair was well known. Needless to say, no matter what the circumstances may be, no matter how tired I am, that hair gets braided down daily! I refuse to allow my child to be mislead into believing her beauty, and worth are defined by what pleases the pale faces of the world.

What is this vile garbage? It gets worse.

Would I feel as strongly about this situation had her teacher been Black, and decided to do her hair? Nope, because to me that would of been a sister looking out, a homegirl hook up because of the unspoken understanding all Black people share. Is that biased, ignorant, racist? Call it what you want, but because of the history of the Black body, in relation to White people, (ownership, and exhibition) I will never be ok with White hands in my childs [sic] hair.

Today, there seems to be a growing number of blacks who appear to want to regress and self-segregate by their own choice. This mother is teaching her child to hate and revile her white teacher and to shun any white person from touching her as if that person is dirty or tainted. (And don't get me started on calling an authority figure a "pale face.") This is disgusting. It is wrong.