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Anti-Muslim Vanity Plate Prompts Outrage

Whoever gets paid to review vanity plate applications in Minnesota may need to dust off their resume after letting this one slip through. From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Minnesota revoked and took possession of car license plates that read “FMUSLMS,” according to a news release from the office of Gov. Mark Dayton.

It capped off a weekend of protests from St. Cloud residents dismayed by what they saw as a divisive message directed at the region’s Islamic population.

The unindentified owner was also due for some public scolding from Dayton: “I am appalled that this license plate was issued by the State of Minnesota,” he said in a statement. “It is offensive, and the person who requested it should be ashamed. That prejudice has no place in Minnesota.”

St. Cloud, located in central Minnesota, has become a center of cultural tension between the majority white population and Muslim immigrants. Backlash against the vanity plate was fomented by community activist Haji Yusuf, who runs an organization called #UniteCloud focused on combating prejudice against the immigrant population.

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