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Get a Load of Dr. Fauci's Office in What May Be His Last CNN+ Interview

Get a Load of Dr. Fauci's Office in What May Be His Last CNN+ Interview
Shawn Thew/Pool via AP

In what may be the most hilariously timed interview, CNN+ streaming service show host Kasie Hunt teased an interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci just hours before the streaming service was canceled after only 22 days in operation.


But the timing wasn’t the only entertaining thing about the Fauci announcement.

Hunt, who hosts the soon-to-be short-lived “The Source With Kasie Hunt,” boasted a huge interview with that seldom-interviewed, hermit-like, shy, and retiring “get” of the century, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man who helped bring the world Covid.

On Twitter, Hunt enthused, “Today on #TheSourceKasie I spoke with Dr. Anthony Fauci about the mask court decision, vaccines for young children and what it’s like living as a hero to some and a villain to others. Hope you’ll watch ⁦@CNNplus.”

Response to her announcement was entertaining, to say the least.

David Freiheit, a Canadian attorney and YouTuber known as Viva Frei, asked Hunt: “Wow, how did it feel to be looking directly at science?”–a reference to the humble and retiring Fauci claiming to be science itself.


There was concern about Dr. Fauci not wearing a mask after he complained about the end of mask mandates on public transportation.

But a closer look at the background of Fauci’s office shows that the octogenarian, wearing skinny jeans and coat and tie, suffers from a common Beltway ailment.

“Me-itis” occurs when a person is granted authority by government and wields the budget the size of a small country to, for example, buy viruses from far-flung labs.

It begins to so thoroughly overtake a person that it begins to manifest externally.

It is caused by believing one’s own media releases, press clippings, and the encomiums of people who want to touch the hem of your lab coat. It is a dangerous disease. People who suffer from it begin to believe they are above their station and answerable to no one–even the people paying their salary.

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It’s possible the ailment can morph into Long-Me-itis, and that’s when things get worse. The ailment overtakes the superego and then, informed only by the ego, journeys from the brain to ooze into one’s environs. Me-itis manifests itself in the form of walls filled with photos taken with celebrities, politicos, gifts, honorary degrees, and bobblehead dolls of … yourself.

Such ailments usually don’t afflict people who are old enough to know better, but there are obviously exceptions–Dr. Fauci being one.

We wish him a speedy recovery and a happy retirement soon.

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