Conspiracy Theorist Gavin Newsom Says the People Leading His Recall Are Capitol Rioters Who Want to Implant Chips in People

Conspiracy Theorist Gavin Newsom Says the People Leading His Recall Are Capitol Rioters Who Want to Implant Chips in People
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The effort to qualify a recall of California Governor Gavin Newsom for the ballot just hit the sweet spot: two million signatures. That means as soon as the requisite signatures are validated, his recall will be scheduled for an election.


And the closer that day comes, the more desperate Newsom sounds.

Newsom can’t believe that normal people would want him out of office, so he’s constructed the idea that only QAnon conspiracy theorists, Proud Boys, and people “who want to put chips into migrants” have concocted his recall … well, them and two million other people.

Of course, the effort to recall Newsom started well before anyone had ever heard of QAnon, or stormed the Capitol, but the governor told the slack-jawed hosts on ABC TV’s The View on Tuesday that those behind his recall are “fans” of the “Capitol insurrection” and “are quite literally QAnon supporters.”

And they bought it.

Newsom believes people genuinely concerned and angry about the California governor’s disastrous response to coronavirus, among many other things, are nothing more than – and you’ll want to remember this quote – “anti-maskers and the anti-vaxxers, not just the MAGA Trump donors, and the Newt Gingriches, and the Mike Huckabees and the Devin Nuneses, in addition to the conspiracy theorists and militia members.”

It’s the new “deplorables and irredeemable” moment.

But it gets worse.

Newsom’s clearly losing his grip. Perhaps he should consult the QAnon Shaman for advice. I understand that guy’s not doing anything right now except warming a metal bench in a federal lock-up and drinking out of a toilet, so maybe he’s available for a consult. Maybe rub his horns for good luck or something.


For those of you who have watched Newsom’s disastrous 25-month tenure as governor and thought to yourself, this guy really sucks, he is here to say you’re wrong and … a racist.

It’s not about me, it’s more about Californians and our values – Democratic Party values – issues related to the browning of California – immigration, issues related to low-carbon green growth, our climate policies. Issues to end the death penalty or increase the minimum wage or advance pay equity, and so I say that quite literally. That’s what’s at stake in this election and this recall.

Maybe Newsom got confused, between his belief that the “browning of California” upset Californians when it was really brown-outs and rolling blackouts that upset them.

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It’s understandable that people don’t actually like the Democrats’ “low-carbon green growth,” which has brought them their $4.50-a-gallon gas, during a Trump administration when the country was energy independent and seeing the lowest prices for energy in ages. Even Tesla drivers are PO’d at Newsom because their snazzy rides require electricity made mostly from fossil fuels to operate and things are getting expensive.


Maybe Californians are upset because during this pandemic, when given a choice between giving Californians more control or less control over their lives, he always chooses less. It’s as if he has a low opinion of their intelligence or doubts their desire to live or something. This as he ate at the French Laundry, put his kids in private, in-person schools, and let them play their sports, when most Californians couldn’t.

But sure, they’re Proud Boys members and Three Percenters. That’s the ticket, Gavin.

At one point, even the usually shrieking magpie Joy Behar calmly and flawlessly asked a question written for her by someone else about those signing the petition.

So governor, you say that this recall is tied to the same extremist groups that stormed the Capitol. But organizers claim that more than a third of signatures are from Democrats, independents, and unaffiliated voters mad that your pandemic policies shuttered businesses and schools.

Instead of saving himself, Newsom went full conspiracy theorist and fired up the gaslight.

The chief proponent of this supports putting microchips into migrants. The top ten leaders are members of the Three Percenters, the Proud Boys, who supported the insurrection, are, quite literally, enthusiastically support QAnon conspiracies, and that’s the origin here.


Oddly, Newsom admitted that he’s “worried and vexed” about a recall campaign filled with racists and militia members.

Of course I’m worried about it. It’s challenging, it’s vexing. We’re taking it seriously. I have to do my job every day but I’m going to fight this thing because I have to fight for California values and the things I hold dear. … We’re not ideological about our approach.

National Democrats have begun shaking their pockets to run ads touting their guy, Newsom. Easy for them to say, they don’t have to live there.

Democrats began rolling out supportive videos and a fundraising effort to support Newsom on Monday, drawing on the backing of progressive lawmakers across the country, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Stop the Republican Recall, which is funded primarily by the California Democratic Party, has attempted to tie the recall effort to the Republican Party and the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6. The group has also argued that removing a sitting governor, who is trying to temper the widespread effects of the coronavirus pandemic, would be damaging to the state.

While he’s busy dismissing actual California outrage over his ideological and leftist-rooted ideas as “militia members,” he might ponder the difference between his “Democratic Party values” and the values that Californians actually care about.




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