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James Comey Says 'Yes,' He Shifted 'to Collecting Evidence of a Crime' in His Trump Notes

Former FBI Director James Comey (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

On Sunday night, former FBI Director James Comey told ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos that his notes recording meetings with President Donald Trump shifted to “collecting evidence of a crime.” The director had recorded notes of every encounter between him and the president.

“Had you shifted to collecting evidence of a crime?” Stephanopoulos asked Comey.

“Yes, in a sense,” Comey said.

Earlier, he told Stephanopoulos that Trump might “possibly” have been “obstructing justice” when the president allegedly asked the then-FBI director to go easy on former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

The former FBI director said that “there’s certainly some evidence of obstruction of justice.”

Comey insisted that Trump knew he “was doing something improper.” While Stephanopoulos suggested he might not have known it, the former FBI director said, “Maybe. Although, if he didn’t know he was doing something improper, why did he kick out the attorney general and the vice president of the United States and the leaders of the intelligence community?”

“I mean, why am I alone if he doesn’t know the nature of the request? But it’s possible in that moment I should have — you know, another person would have said, ‘Sir, you can’t ask me that. That’s a criminal investigation. That could be obstruction of justice,'” Comey added.

Watch the video below.