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Gloria Estefan Thanks Trump for Skipping Kennedy Center Honors

2017 Kennedy Center Honoree Gloria Estefan attends the 40th annual Kennedy Center Honors at the Kennedy Center Hall of States on Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017, in Washington. (Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP)

Singer Gloria Estefan did something few celebrities seem inclined to do these days. She thanked President Trump.

The Cuban-American performer thanked President Trump for not attending a recent awards ceremony at the Kennedy Center after some attendees threatened to boycott the ceremony, including television legend Norman Lear.

From The Daily Caller:

Gloria Estefan praised President Donald Trump Monday for skipping the 40th Annual Kennedy Center Honors that took place over the weekend in Washington, D.C.

TMZ caught up with the 60-year-old Cuban-American singer when she arrived at Reagan National Airport in D.C. for her flight.

“You know what I am thankful that he [Trump] did that,” Estefan explained when asked about the president not appearing at the honors, something that has only happened four other times. “Because it took away controversy from the mix.”

“And you have somebody like Norman Lear that’s 95 and has worked his whole life to get that award,” she added. “To get it mixed up with the stuff that has nothing to do with the reason we are all there … It was nice of the president to give us that. That was a very nice thing to do.”

Lear had threatened to boycott the ceremony should Trump attend, as did dancer Carmen de Lavallade. The Trumps issued congratulations to the honorees while also announcing they would not attend the gala itself.

While Donald Trump says plenty of questionable things, this was about as apolitical an event as possible. It became political simply because the president was going to attend, and the Left simply can’t deal with Trump so much as existing, much less doing anything that every other president has done.

Frankly, I’m curious if Lear would have boycotted if Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein or John Conyers or Al Franken was going to attend. I’d put money down that he wouldn’t have, which is the whole point. It’s not about morals or principles, it’s about partisanship.

The American left is broken. They’re shattered souls littered along the highway, people so bereft of rationality that they can’t analyze anything without injecting political hatred.

Yes, an individual work of art can be political, don’t get me wrong. However, the arts themselves aren’t. They’re supposed to be there for all, regardless of ideology.

But the Left simply won’t allow it. Nothing can be apolitical unless they wish it to be.

The truth is, Norman Lear didn’t really deserve the courtesy. I wish Trump had gone, just as a middle finger to the artistic elite who seem to think they’re better than everyone else. They degrade the right at every opportunity, then wonder why we fail to listen to them on anything.