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The Morning Briefing: The Moderate Sins of Kyrsten Sinema

The Morning Briefing: The Moderate Sins of Kyrsten Sinema
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How Dare She?!?!?

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) has been spending her first nine-and-a-half months in office keeping a fairly low profile, working out hard, and — unlike so many Democratic newcomers to Capitol Hill — not throwing social media tantrums about President Trump.

That kind of professional behavior doesn’t really fly in Washington these days.


She rarely goes to party lunches and skipped Senate votes to run the Ironman. She endorsed a primary challenger against one of her own colleagues and hobnobs with Republicans at least as much as she does with her own caucus.

Kyrsten Sinema doesn’t really fit in with her fellow Senate Democrats. Don’t even ask her whether she watches the Democratic presidential debates.

“I’m not missing anything. I prefer happiness,” Sinema declares in a 25-minute interview, a rare extended conversation with an outlet not based in Arizona. “Look how happy I am.”

Politics have become so hyperpartisan and the Democrats so progressive that the article notes that Sinema’s “radical breed of centrism could be a headache for the party.”

The radicals are mainstream and the moderates are radical, got it?

I moved back to Arizona several months before Sinema was elected and I obviously didn’t vote for her, but have to say that I have been surprised by her so far, largely because she’s not a raging progressive. She’s an anomaly in a time when most Democrats are lurching so far leftward that they couldn’t find the center using GPS and Sherpa guides.

This is a very lengthy article about Sinema and is interesting for the fact that she is of such interest simply because she’s flying under the radar, getting along with Republicans, and avoiding the impeachment drama.

The Democrats have spent ten months lionizing a big-mouthed former bartender who has IQ of dryer lint.

Calm and thoughtful isn’t really what they’re after these days.

The Liberals Are Here Early to Ruin Christmas This Year

Kelly Clarkson and the always-overrated John Legend have teamed up to do an updated version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” a song that the PC SJW crowd deemed to be an ode to date rape a few years ago.

Let’s all get into the holiday spirit by doing everything we can to make sure that these lunatic leftists are never in charge of anything again.

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I’ll soon be releasing a “Beer Yoga” workout on VHS.

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