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Vaccine Horror Stories Should Make Us Wonder What Else We Don’t Know

Vaccine Horror Stories Should Make Us Wonder What Else We Don’t Know

Last week Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) held a roundtable that included people injured by the COVID-19 vaccine. The testimony was heartbreaking to watch. These individuals have been abandoned by the drug companies, even when they were part of a clinical trial.

Even though the CDC, FDA, and NIH are aware of their injuries, they have been abandoned or ignored by the public health agencies. And because of liability protections for the vaccine companies, their prospects for just compensation for life-altering injuries are exceptionally low.

The first witness who spoke was Brianne Dressen. A mom and preschool teacher, she recounted her life-altering reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine after being part of AstraZeneca’s clinical trial. Dressen suffered a cascade of neurological symptoms and still has electric shock-like nerve pain continuously. Because she participated in the trial, she felt alone in her condition, thinking her reaction was an isolated incident.

Once the vaccination program started in earnest in spring 2021, Dressen started coming across others who had reactions to the vaccines. They all suffered a similar constellation of symptoms. Finding medical care was a challenge. Even when they found doctors willing to listen, their providers were often at a loss regarding how to treat them. Quickly, a community of thousands congregated on social media, primarily Facebook, to share stories and resources and support each other.

Maddie de Garay’s case caused the previously injured adults to go public and contact elected representatives, agencies, and vaccine makers. Maddie is a 12-year-old who participated in the Pfizer trial for children 12 and over. Her case has been one of the few highlighted in a network news story. Her mother Stephanie appeared to tell her story on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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Dressen reported that 70% of the people in the group she started had no preexisting conditions, 94% had no history of an adverse reaction to a vaccine, and 98% had received all required vaccinations. The vaccine-injured people in her group are not anti-vax activists. It is a community of people ignored by the vaccine makers, the health agencies, and the media. Even after engaging top doctors and researchers in evaluating their cases, medical journals reject the results of the studies.

“We are completely on our own. All we have is each other,” Dressen emphasized. After Dressen and others participated in a roundtable event for the vaccine-injured that Johnson held in Wisconsin, their Facebook groups were pulled apart. Dressen lost contact with eight actively suicidal people with the flip of a switch. The abrupt dissolution thrust the vaccine-injured back into isolation. The group had more than 5,000 members. The personal accounts of many members disappeared.

Dressen read a letter from a group member who didn’t make it. She took her own life. Through her tears, Dressen called out our public health officials by name. “Rochelle Walensky, Janet Woodcock, Peter Marks, and Anthony Fauci. You. Erased. Her. And the many others like her. Their blood is on your hands. You cannot bring them back, but you can save others from their fate if you finally just tell the truth.”

Interspersed with the multiple times Dressen spoke, other vaccine-injured Americans told their stories. They included:

  • A mother who cannot hold her baby for very long because of violent tremors
  • A 12-year-old girl confined to a wheelchair, fed by a nasogastric tube, with constant pain
  • A pilot who will never fly again
  • A father who will never see his 16-year-old son, his only child, again
  • An orthopedic surgeon who can no longer practice
  • A national champion mountain biker whose career is over

During their testimony, all of them reported similar experiences. All were vaccinated voluntarily and are pro-vaccination. They have seen dozens of specialists who have no idea how to help them. Doctors told many of them that their symptoms were all in their heads. Careers and activities they depended on and enjoyed are no longer something they can do. Most deal with constant pain or symptoms like tinnitus, mobility problems, and nerve pain.

To date, Sen. Johnson is the only member of Congress who has tried to highlight the plight of those injured by the COVID-19 vaccine. Greeting the participants in the session, he noted it was difficult for many of them to travel and thanked them for coming. Johnson also noted, “As Bri [Brianne Dressen], and Maddie and Stephanie [de Garay] are well aware of, telling the truth in today’s cancel culture is not necessarily easy. You can pay a pretty heavy price for it.” The media and expert class have vilified Johnson for his advocacy and decision not to get vaccinated after recovering from COVID-19.

During one part of her commentary, Dressen shared the assurances AstraZeneca gave to her when she entered the clinical trial. She reports that the trial personnel consistently reassured her that there would be protocols in place to provide a safety net if anything went wrong. She understood that the researchers would collect data on the benefits as well as the risks. The company also agreed to pay any medical expenses associated with an injury. AstraZeneca has not covered Dressen’s costs, and her family has had to refinance her home.

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Once she reported her reaction to the trial, she did not receive the second dose, and her access to the app to catalog her adverse reactions got revoked. Researchers excluded her injuries from the trial results. AstraZeneca noted on their Phase III results, “No new vaccine-related safety signals were identified.” Adverse events were supposed to be recorded through day 730. Dressen has not heard from AstraZeneca since day 60.

Now, the agencies that ignored Dressen and thousands like her want you to vaccinate the child in your life. The media that ignored them and reportedly told Dressen that they could not make the vaccine look bad are trying to shame you. Facebook and the social media platforms that ripped support groups for the vaccine-injured apart and took their voices away now promote puppets telling toddlers to get the shot.

It is long past time to pause the vaccine rollout, certainly before we inject our children. If you don’t think so, scroll through the video below and look at Maddie de Garay. She was a healthy, soccer-playing 12-year-old girl before receiving the Pfizer vaccine in a trial. Now, she sits in a wheelchair that holds her neck up and relies on a tube in her nose to eat. If Maddie had contracted COVID-19, like almost all children, she would still be playing soccer.

In the FDA memo for Pfizer’s emergency use authorization, the regulators reduced Maddie’s severe reaction to functional abdominal pain. The authors did not mention her injuries at all in the New England Journal of Medicine article regarding the trial results. It should make you wonder what else is missing from every single trial for these vaccines.