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McConnell Takes Aim at Corporate Surrender to the 'Outrage-Industrial Complex'

Sarah Silbiger/Pool via AP

Senator Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in Congress have decided to take a stand against Democratic Party/media propaganda and are trying to shame corporate America into backing them.

The woke mob has cowed corporations into pulling business from states with “restrictive” voting laws and Republicans won’t sit still for it. They are planning a series of punitive measures against corporations that kowtow to the mob and adopt the woke narrative about the Georgia voting bill.

Most of these very same corporations come hat in hand to Washington looking for tax breaks or bailouts and where most Democrats turn a deaf ear to their pleas, Republicans have generally sided with the business community. Now, as the anti-capitalist woke mob tries to destroy the Republican Party, the GOP is actively working against them.

“It’s jaw-dropping to see powerful American institutions not just permit themselves to be bullied, but join in the bullying themselves. Wealthy corporations have no problem operating in New York, for example, which has fewer days of early voting than Georgia, requires excuses for absentee ballots, and restricts electioneering via refreshments,” McConnell said in a statement released Monday.

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“There is no consistent or factual standard being applied here. It’s just a fake narrative gaining speed by its own momentum,” he added.

McConnell demanded that corporations “stop taking cues from the Outrage-Industrial Complex” or risk “consequences.” The nature of the consequences McConnell was referring to is beginning to take shape.


In recent days, GOP leaders have encouraged boycotts against a group of companies that have condemned or pulled business from states that have passed more restrictive voting laws. The appetite for punitive measures hasn’t ended there. Republicans are also encouraging state and federal officials to utilize the tax code as a means of hitting back at, what they deem to be, “woke capitalism.” And they’re targeting some of the most iconic American brands — from Delta and Coca Cola to Major League Baseball — in the process.

Indeed, one might ask those corporate executives if they’ve even bothered to read the Georgia voting law, much less compare it to other state laws on voting. Any effort to secure the vote in any state is being met with charges of voter “suppression” and “racism” — apparently because Democrats believe black Americans are too stupid for voter ID and need help voting.

And terrified corporate executives — grown men, accomplished businessmen — are acting like a bunch of scared little girls if the mob senses any weakness at all.

The increasingly aggressive pushback against politically outspoken companies is the latest, and perhaps purest, illustration of a party at a philosophical crossroads. Republicans spent decades aligning themselves with the business community and its preferences for lower taxes and fewer regulations. During the 2017 GOP tax reform push, the party slashed the corporate rate from 35 to 21 percent. In return, they have been bolstered with industry money and political support. Now, however, they’re betting that they can win on a backlash to the idea that political correctness has entered the boardroom and is irreversibly damaging conservative causes.

“Will Major League Baseball now end its engagement with nations that do not hold elections at all like China and Cuba?” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio asked. But Rubio and the Republicans are playing by the old rules and believing in the old verities. It doesn’t matter that 12 states, including New York, have far more restrictive voting laws than Georgia. It doesn’t matter that the hysterical opposition to the law has created a false narrative filled with lies, exaggerations, and disinformation.

The “truth” is whatever the hell the woke mob and the media decide it is. There is no such thing as “objective truth.”And the very idea of “hypocrisy” is laughable. The entire brave new world is a double standard in motion, where language is weaponized and meaning and context are abandoned.

Corporations shouldn’t fret about it. The crocodile will eventually get around to them.

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