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Ga. State Rep. Calls Joe Biden's Bluff on Georgia's 'Jim Crow on Steroids'

Ga. State Rep. Calls Joe Biden's Bluff on Georgia's 'Jim Crow on Steroids'
Facebook video screenshot of Georgia State Rep. Wes Cantrell

Corporate America and the legacy media have been hounding Georgia over its new voter integrity law, and President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats have led the charge. Biden suggested that Major League Baseball should pull the All-Star game out of Atlanta, and lo and behold, MLB obliged, costing the state $100 million. Yet on Monday, Georgia State Rep. Wes Cantrell called Biden’s bluff. Not only has Biden been lying through his teeth about the Georgia bill, but if Georgia’s voting laws are “Jim Crow on steroids,” the voting laws in Biden’s home state of Delaware are a slave-holding plantation.


“Last week, our president decided to go on national news and basically disparage our state,” Cantrell began. “We have a new election integrity law here that we passed a couple of weeks ago, and our president, apparently without reading the bill, went on the news and called our new law, he called it ‘un-American,’ he called it ‘sick,’ he called it ‘pernicious,’ he then went on and called it ‘Jim Crow on steroids.'”

“So, in light of President Biden’s concerns about our law here in Georgia, I have decided that I am going to introduce new legislation,” Cantrell continued. “The name of this new bill is going to be ‘The President Joe Biden Jim Crow on steroids Voter Act.’ … This new bill will change our voting laws so that they mirror the president’s home state of Delaware.”

“This law will have five key features to make us like Delaware,” the state representative began. “Instead of having up to 19 days of early voting like we have here in Georgia, we’re going to have exactly zero early voting days, because that’s how they do it in Delaware.”

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“Instead of having no-excuse absentee voting, like we have here in Georgia,” Cantrell continued, “we’re going to make you have an excuse to have an absentee ballot, and that excuse will be you’re either sick or you’re disabled, because that’s how they do it in Delaware.”


“Instead of having secure drop-boxes where you can place your absentee ballot in one of those drop-boxes for security’s sake, we’re going to provide you with exactly zero drop-boxes, because that’s how they do it in Delaware,” he said.

“And instead of being able to get food or drink from anyone outside of the 150-foot buffer zone while you’re voting, or being able to be provided water inside the 150-foot buffer area, we’re going to make it illegal for you to receive anything of value at any point while you’re standing in line to vote, because that’s how they do it in Delaware,” Cantrell added.

Finally, the state representative addressed what he claimed would be “the worst feature of all.” “Instead of being able to vote in relative quiet like we do here in Georgia, we’re going to make it so that when you walk up to vote they’re going to announce your name, out loud, so that anyone in the precinct can object to your right to vote. And worse yet, during a primary, they’re not just going to announce your name, they’re going to announce your party affiliation, as well. Why? Because that’s how they do it in Delaware,” he said.

Cantrell challenged the Democrats in Georgia’s house to support this bill if they agree with Biden’s obnoxious rhetoric.

Biden Goes Berserk on Georgia Election Law

“So I look forward to all of my colleagues who voted against our election integrity bill, I look forward to them clamoring to co-sponsor this legislation with me so that we can be just like President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, where the voting laws are draconian,” he said.

“I’ve got some advice for our president. If you’re going to speak about a bill, know your facts. And congratulations, by the way, for receiving four Pinocchios for repeatedly lying about the content of the Georgia bill,” Cantrell said. The Washington Post gave Biden four Pinocchios for repeatedly claiming that the Georgia law “ends voting hours early.” In fact, the bill extended voting hours.

“And if you live in a glass house, you probably shouldn’t be throwing stones. Until you take care of the voting laws in Delaware, I think you should leave Georgia alone,” the state representative concluded.

According to the Honest Elections Project, voting laws in New York (MLB headquarters) are also more “draconian” than Georgia’s laws. While Georgia offers no-excuse absentee voting, New York requires voters to give an excuse. While Georgia offers 17-19 days of early voting, New York offers 9 days of early voting.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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