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'America is Over': Hundreds Arrested in Minneapolis Protest Against Trump

'America is Over': Hundreds Arrested in Minneapolis Protest Against Trump
(Twitter screenshot @AliKheradpir)

More than 600 marchers were arrested on Wednesday night after blocking traffic on I-94 in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Earlier, several dozen protesters set off fireworks and spray-painted business storefronts leading to the arrest of 14.

The unrest occurred after Donald Trump demanded that counting ballots in some states be halted because state laws were being violated.

Fox News:

A few dozen protesters marched through the city’s Uptown neighborhood, lighting fireworks and carrying a banner that read “America is Over” as presidential election results started to come in.

The protesters also blocked traffic, spray-painted storefronts, and threw traffic signs and debris into the streets, police told Fox News in a statement.

Everything was fine until the mostly peaceful marchers started to shoot fireworks into the ranks of police.

Police at the scene maintained their distance from the protesters until members of the group shot firecrackers at officers and refused to obey orders, police spokesman John Elder said in the press release.

Police arrested 12 adult females and one adult male on suspicion of rioting. One adult female was also arrested for fourth-degree assault in addition to the rioting suspicion charge.

It’s an intriguing notion that after 140 million people went to the polls to elect the next president that this is an indication that “America is over.” If anything it shows we’re just getting started.

But most of the action last night happened on I-94 near downtown as hundreds of people spilled out on to the interstate playing chicken with drivers until the police finally closed the highway.


State troopers and Minneapolis police cited 646 people for walking on the highway and being a public nuisance after the protest that started on the streets of Minneapolis spilled onto 94.

No chemical irritants or force were used, and no one was hurt.

94 was shut down between Highway 280 in St. Paul and Interstate 35W in Minneapolis for hours while people were cited. The roadway finally reopened at 1:23 a.m.

The State Patrol and Minneapolis police were assisted by the Hennepin County Sherriff’s Office, University of Minnesota Police Department, and Metro Transit Police.

Under Minnesota law, it is illegal for pedestrian, bicycle, or non-motorized traffic to be on the freeway.

The state police felt it necessary to explain to the children why walking on a highway is dangerous.

This is a preview of what we’re in store for if Trump wins re-election. The kids will stomp their feet and throw a tantrum any time Trump does something they don’t much care for — which will probably be nearly every day. God help us if they get really mad.