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Scott Presler: 'I Came Out as Gay After the Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Attack. President Trump Is My Candidate'


If you listen to and believe so-called liberals, you can only conclude that every single gay person out there supports the Democrat Party. Oh yes, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, AOC, and Ilhan Omar speak for all homosexuals in America. As for the GOP? That’s clearly a party for and by bigoted heterosexual white males.

Surprising as it may be for folks who take the Media Cartel seriously, that’s actually nonsense. See activist Scott Presler. He explains on Twitter that he came out as gay after the Pulse nightclub terror attack, but that he supports President Donald Trump because he, in turn, supports Presler’s right to keep & bear arms and, therefore, to protect himself.

And he’s right: Trump stands by the Second Amendment.

Although liberals often pretend that the Second Amendment only serves the one group they absolutely hate — straight white men — the reality of the matter is that the right to keep and bear arms is actually most beneficial to minorities. Women, gays, transsexuals, ethnic minorities… these are the people who can feel safer knowing that they are able to defend themselves if some bigot tries to attack them.

The Second Amendment doesn’t serve those in power — be they individual politicians or one powerful group that mostly determines what happens, and that oppresses other groups. It serves those without it — or at least those who are less powerful than said majority group.

This ties into another tweet Presler published, this one containing a video of him explaining to progressives that, if they’re serious about distrusting the police and fearing a tyrannical government, they should support the Second Amendment:

Sadly, there is one problem with Presler’s argument: progressives aren’t against a tyrannical government as such, they’re just against the wrong kind of tyrannical government. At its core, progressivism is a supremely tyrannical ideology.

Additionally, the police are one of the tools tyrants love to use in order to oppress the people, which means that progressives only distrust the police because they believe they aren’t in charge of the police force. And the moment they believe they are, they will absolutely love all those men and women in uniform.

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