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Mark Levin on Impeachment: 'The Law Is on The President's Side'

Mark Levin on Impeachment: 'The Law Is on The President's Side'
Mark Levin appearing on "Hannity." (Source: Fox News)

Popular conservative radio talk show host and TV personality Mark Levin told Sean Hannity on Thursday that President Trump has the law and the facts on his side in the impeachment battle. “What they are attacking,” he said about the Democrats who are trying to take down President Trump, “is the transition of power.”

Democrats, Levin said on Fox News’ Hannity, are attacking Trump on extremely shaky grounds. “The law is on the president’s side, the facts are on the president’s side,” he said.

Additionally, he went on to say, Democrats aren’t truly in this because they believe Trump did nothing wrong.

Well, that’s not entirely correct, perhaps. He did one thing “wrong”: He won the 2016 elections.

“What they’re attacking is the transition of power. They have never supported the transition of power from the Obama administration to a Trump administration.” The entire Ukraine controversy is nothing more than a ruse, he went on to explain, in a larger plot to bring down this Republican president.

With regards to foreign policy, the author of number one bestseller Unfreedom Of The Press explained, the president is free to appoint “whomever he wants” and he is allowed to conduct foreign policy in any way he chooses. “The president sets foreign policy,” Levin said. “It doesn’t make a damn’s worth of difference if you don’t agree with it. I don’t care what a former Obama ambassador [to] Ukraine thinks.”

Another important point made by Levin is that whistleblowers are normally the enemy of the establishment. In this particular case, however, whistleblower Eric Ciaramella (oops!) is clearly an ally of that very same establishment. “The entire establishment [is] backing this whistleblower. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s really bizarre,” Levin said.

Additionally, the law is pretty clear on the protection so-called whistleblowers enjoy. The attorney general cannot out them. The president of the United States, however, can. “The whistleblower statute does not apply to the president or this phone call,” Levin rightfully said. He added, “the so-called whistleblower doesn’t have statutory protection. He doesn’t meet the statutory elements” and he’s “a political hack.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Levin asked rhetorically. “This is another hoax being perpetrated by the Democrats; a phony impeachment effort, like the phony Russia effort.”

“Mr. President, stay strong,” Levin finished his rant. “This will collapse eventually.”

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