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Netanyahu Lashes Out at 'Hypocritical' Europe over Trump Criticism

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t happy with European countries’ response to Trump’s announcement that the United States now considers Jerusalem Israel’s capital. According to an Israeli TV channel, Netanyahu said yesterday that he’s fed up with “Europe’s hypocrisy.”

To make his point, Netanyahu explains that it’s rather striking that Europe does criticize Trump’s announcement, but has absolutely nothing to say about Palestinian terrorism or repeated calls by Palestinian leaders to commit violent acts against Israel and its people.

It goes without saying that Netanyahu is 100 percent correct. European leaders consider it perfectly normal that their Palestinian counterparts are calling for violence against Israel and that they put those words into action by firing rockets at Israeli targets. Even the fact that those Palestinian terrorists don’t care where those rockets land — schools, homes, hospitals, who cares? — doesn’t upset the EU.

That’s why it’s so incredibly remarkable that they are now criticizing Trump by arguing that he’s “endangering the peace process.” Oh really, and Palestinians don’t do so by launching rockets at Israel?