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Obese ISIS Butcher Nicknamed 'The Bulldozer' Arrested and Thrown Half-Naked on Truck by Syrian Army

An enormous ISIS jihadist nicknamed The Bulldozer has been captured by the Syrian army. His capture was filmed by the soldiers who stripped the infamous terrorist after his arrest and threw him half-naked on the back of a truck.


The severely overweight jihadist is a member of ISIS’ execution team. Although he has always been too cowardly to show his face in ISIS videos, his obese body made it easy for experts and the Syrian soldiers to identify him.

“The Bulldozer” is one of ISIS’ most brutal butchers. He is responsible for many deaths and other severe punishments. Recently, a 14-year-old boy named Omar said in a documentary that the terrorist cut off his hand because he refused to join the terrorist group. All the boys in his village were forced to watch as the poor teenager was maimed for life.

boy arm

Because of his arrest, this obese terrorist will no longer be able to terrorize the people of Syria. Instead of eating the fast food he apparently enjoys, he’ll now have to get used to a diet of bread and water — until he’s rightfully executed for his many crimes, of course.

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Although I’m sure that the Left will soon criticize the Syrian army for treating “The Bulldozer” in an “inhumane manner,” this butcher does not deserve our pity. It is believed that he is responsible for the executions of dozens of innocent people. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t end up like Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator who suffered a brutal — but much deserved — death.

Let “The Bulldozer’s” fate serve as a warning to every single member of ISIS: when all is said and done, this is how all of you will end up.