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Trump Blasts Virginia GOP for Making Sure Primary Voters Are... Republicans

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took to Twitter yesterday to blast the Republican Party of Virginia. The reason is that the state’s GOP is thinking about requiring Virginia voters to sign a “loyalty oath” when voting in the state’s Republican primary. The idea behind this oath or pledge of loyalty is that the Virginia GOP wants to make sure that Republican voters choose their own nominee — they don’t want the process to be influenced by Democrats and independents.

Every real conservative candidate should embrace the closed primary idea, but sadly, Trump isn’t such a candidate. Instead, he blasted the Virginia GOP leaders, calling them “stupid,” “suicidal” and “bad.”

Although it certainly is important for the eventual nominee to win over  independent voters — and even some Democrats — that must happen after the Republican primary process. The Republican primary is intended to give Republicans — whether establishment types or movement conservatives — the opportunity to choose their party’s presidential nominee. Once that happens, the nominee needs to reach out to other kinds of voters. Not before.

The problem is that Trump’s campaign is heavily supported by unaffiliated voters — people who are angry with the establishment, but who aren’t truly conservative. And the billionaire businessman knows it. That’s why he wants the state’s primary to be completely open, even without people signing an unenforceable loyalty pledge.

That’s too bad for him, but the GOP is right on this one.