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The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 39: The Election Aftermath With Jeff Reynolds

Sorry for the long absence, folks, I was rolling around dying in bed with some virus. Was it COVID-19? Tune in to find out. This week I’m talking with PJ Media columnist Jeff Reynolds on his thoughts on the election circus and more. Reynolds has been with PJ Media since 2016 and has a lot in common with me. We share a similar concern over big government agencies with too much power like Child Protection Services and others that can destroy your life like a wrecking ball.

Join Jeff and me on this week’s podcast. Also, a programming note: I still have a book to give away, The Narrative by Deplora Boule. You don’t want to miss this one so send in your entries. The rule was you have to come up with one positive thing that might come from a Biden presidency that makes me laugh. I know you don’t want to imagine it, but stretch yourself and get creative. Send it to my attention at [email protected] and one of you will get a signed copy of the funniest satire I’ve read in decades.