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Bernie Sanders Tells Baby to Keep It Down at Campaign Event

(Image via Twitter screenshot)

In a strange new strategy, Bernie Sanders is taking his “grumpy old man” act to a new level after telling a parent at an event to keep her crying child a little quieter. “If we could keep that down a little bit,” Sanders admonished.

It seems even the audience found that funny, snickering as Sanders lost his train of thought and the baby continued to screech. Imagine the cries of horror if Donald Trump had told a baby to be quiet. Oh, wait! He did! And the media lost its marbles over it as usual. To be fair, both incidents were pretty funny. Babies are pretty annoying, even to us moms, when they won’t settle down when all you want to do is get your political rally fix. But at least at a Trump rally, no one thinks you should have called Planned Parenthood!

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