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Russian Skater Evgenia Medvedeva Captures World's Heart after Losing to Training Partner

Evgenia Medvedeva of OAR after completing the Ladies Single Skating Free Skating at the Gangneung Ice Arena (Daniel A. Anderson via ZUMA Wire) (Cal Sport Media via AP Images)

American figure skaters were super boring and terrible (on many levels) but Russian Evgenia Medvedeva captured America’s heart. Her stunning loss to training partner Alina Zagitova was met with surprise and anger by her fans.

Zagitova and her coach took advantage of the scoring technicalities by loading all her jumps in the second half of her program, gaining her extra points. These things seem to matter more than the artistry with which Zagitova struggled.

Medvedeva not only landed all her jumps, but also wowed the world with her style and emotion.

Figure skating judging has always been subjective and hard to figure out leading to these types of criticisms.