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Dobbs: The Democrats' 2022 Hail Mary That Wasn't

Dobbs: The Democrats' 2022 Hail Mary That Wasn't
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How much more proof do you need that the radical left lives in a bubble? Not only do they self-segregate on social media, but they even tend to live near each other, choosing to surround themselves with like-minded people. One of the side-effects of living in a political echo chamber is that it causes people to believe their radical views are mainstream. As such, when Democrats make predictions about the political impact of an event, they find themselves to be so off-target that it’s laughable.

We saw this in their reactions to the leaked draft majority opinion of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. To the radical left, abortion is a sacred cow. So many of them predicted that if the court indeed does overturn Roe v. Wade, it will fire up the left-wing base in a way that Joe Biden could only dream of and save Democrats from an electoral bloodbath.

“This gives Dems a fighting chance in [November],” predicted S.E. Cupp last week. She may not technically be a leftist, but she certainly isn’t conservative anymore. And she works at CNN, so you can imagine how that influences her perception. She was not alone in making this prediction, of course. Social media was full of unhinged liberals promising “payback” in November.

But if Democrats thought that the Dobbs v. Jackson decision was their 2022 Hail Mary that might cut their losses or even help them gain seats in November, there is zero evidence that’s what will happen.

Last week, CNN acknowledged that polls show Biden was near “the point of no return with Americans on the economy” and dangerously close to an “irreversible severing of public confidence in his capacity to deliver prosperity and financial security.” Not only that, Biden’s unpopularity was hurting the entire Democratic ticket. That poll was taken before the leak of the draft majority opinion in Dobbs, but CNN painfully acknowledged that Biden’s numbers were so bad, it wouldn’t be enough to turn things around for Democrats. “The depth of voter disquiet about the economy also suggests that a potential backlash against the Supreme Court possibly overturning the nationwide right to abortion may not save Democrats in November.”

It turns out they were right and wrong. They were right that the Dobbs ruling won’t save the Democrats in November, and they were wrong because it doesn’t appear there will be any backlash at all. On the contrary, a new CNN poll taken after the Dobbs draft majority opinion leak found that enthusiasm to vote in November increased slightly for both the left and the right. On top of that, the generic Republican edge over Democrats even increased slightly.

“There will be no stampede of women to the polls, clamoring for the right to kill their babies,” PJM’s Rick Moran noted.

Genuine outrage over the opinion seems to be limited to the extreme left and S.E. Cupp.

Further destroying the hopes and dreams of the baby-killer left is a new poll showing that a small plurality of voters supports overturning Roe v. Wade.

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The radical left is indeed fired up. But they think that everyone will be fired up to vote Democrat in November because they’re so used to being around people who think just like them. Heck, they are under the impression that all women are pro-abortion, when they are not. The left also doesn’t realize that abortion is not the number one issue for most people, and most people support restrictions on it anyway.