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Washington Post Says Waukesha Massacre Was ‘Caused by an SUV'

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File

The Waukesha massacre doesn’t fit the narrative the mainstream media typically likes to promote, so they’ve been generally trying to ignore it.

If certain details were different, the story would be getting endless coverage and analysis. But, even when the MSM does cover it, somehow, they manage to beclown themselves.

Case in point: The Washington Post. The Jeff Bezos-owned publication published an in-depth analysis of how the massacre unfolded, declaring, “Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by a SUV.”

“Caused by a SUV”?

Really? An SUV caused the tragedy? Who wrote that line?

I’m not kidding either. This is not a joke or a hoax. Here’s the tweet, which not only shows the ridiculous line in the text of the tweet but was in the metadata of the article itself.

Based on the tweet, you might conclude the SUV was a self-driving car that had achieved sentience and went on a rampage. The article doesn’t do much better; the suspect isn’t even mentioned by name until several paragraphs in. Frankly, I’m amazed they acknowledged there was a human driver at all.

Last I checked, the Washington Post never posted a tweet or wrote an article that said the shootings of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber were “caused by a Smith & Wesson M&P 15.” Nope, Kyle Rittenhouse’s name and photos were posted all over. Joe Biden even falsely linked him to white supremacists. One can only guess how much time was spent in the media discussing Kyle’s motives and debating whether he was acting in self-defense or not. Somehow, in that case, it was understood the gun wasn’t acting of its own accord, that someone had to make the choice to use it.

But, according to the Washington Post, the Waukesha massacre was caused not by a person, but by an SUV. The person who drove it isn’t important. We can’t talk about him. All that we’re supposed to know is that the SUV caused the accident. Because the motive of the accused isn’t convenient.

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