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REPORT: LucasFilm Considering Recasting Gina Carano's Role on The Mandalorian

REPORT: LucasFilm Considering Recasting Gina Carano's Role on The Mandalorian
Gero Breloer

Earlier this year, actress Gina Carano was fired by Disney for wrongthink. Carano played Cara Dune, a fan-favorite character in the hit Disney+ show The Mandalorian, and her firing left a gaping hole in the cast.

It hasn’t been clear what LucasFilm planned to do about Carano’s absence from the show, which won’t go unnoticed by the fans. (Her character was likely intended to have a long future of being connected to the franchise.) However, one site, Giant Freakin Robot, reports that reliable sources  say LucasFilm is considering addressing her absence.

The site boasts several exclusive stories from reliable sources that were later confirmed.

Cara Dune, the site points out, despite being incredibly popular and a huge part of the show, is technically a side character, and “there’s room within the story to simply write around her.”

“She was a loner. Perhaps someone in The Book of Boba Fett can simply mention that Cara Dune is off doing her own thing,” but that might not sit well with fans. “As Star Wars is developing even more new shows, and Cara Dune is already connected to characters like The Mandalorian, Moff Gideon, and Shennec, it’s going to be difficult for audiences to ignore her sudden absence.”

So, what’s the plan? “Our source shared that Lucasfilm is considering recasting Gina Carano,” reports Giant Freakin Robot. “But we didn’t confirm if they’re naming actresses at this point.”

Giant Freakin Robot previously reported that Carano could return to The Mandalorian, but, they admit, the source on that scoop was “weak at best.”

Carano should never have been fired in the first place, and the pretext for firing her was weak and hypocritical. For example, LucasFilm claimed her social media posts comparing cancel culture to the Holocaust prompted her firing, yet Pedro Pascal, who plays the title character on The Mandalorian, similarly compared Trump’s immigration policy to the Holocaust.

The Mandalorian is easily the best thing that has happened to the Star Wars franchise since the original trilogy, and it’s a shame that Carano was let go at all. It would be awesome if they brought her back. However, it seems unlikely that Lucasfilm would go back on their decision. Since her firing, Carano has essentially doubled down on her views by continuing to speak out against cancel culture and teaming up with Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire. It seems unlikely that she’d be brought back now, even with all the outrage and pressure from the fans.

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