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Americans Scoff At Biden's Build Back Better Agenda

Americans Scoff At Biden's Build Back Better Agenda
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Weeks ago, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed during a press briefing that 80 percent of Americans supported Biden’s agenda.

“Included in these packages that the President is fighting to move forward on with leadership, we are working to lower the excruciatingly high cost of prescription drugs, which, by the way, over 80 percent of the American public supports,” Psaki said of the $3.5 trillion (at that time) social spending plan. “We’re also working to make historic investments in crumbling roads and bridges, which over 80 percent of Americans support.”

When asked why, if Biden’s agenda is so popular, he is having so much trouble getting it passed, Psaki again repeated the same figure. “Well, I would say first, if public support is right around 80 percent for most of the initiatives, then public support has been rallied.”

But, according to a new poll, most Americans believe that Biden’s Build Back Better agenda will either have no impact or a negative impact on their lives.

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When asked whether they believed Biden’s Build Back Better plan would have a positive impact on their lives, 39 percent responded that they think it will have a negative impact, and 16 percent said no impact at all. Only 34 percent said they think it will have a positive impact, while 11 percent are not sure.

Biden has been struggling in the polls ever since his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. It’s been two months since the United States withdrew and the Taliban took over, yet he remains underwater in the Real Clear Politics average. Biden has been desperately trying to achieve a legislative victory to save his presidency, but it doesn’t bode well for him when a clear majority of voters believe his plan will either hurt them or have no impact at all. Despite the ongoing struggle to get even a pared-down version of the plan passed, should he finally get a deal that can pass the Senate and make it to his desk, it likely won’t boost his approval ratings in a meaningful way.

The bipartisan infrastructure plan finally passed Friday night after a deal was struck between the Progressive Caucus and the Democratic Caucus, handing Biden a significant legislative victory, but it remains to be seen if they can pass the Build Back Better Act by the November 15 deadline set by the agreement. Its fate in the Senate is also still unclear.

The poll also had some devastating news for the Democratic Party. “Three years out from the 2024 presidential election, former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden by two points, 45% to 43%, in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup among registered voters.”

A year before the 2022 midterms, Republicans also have a significant advantage over Democrats. “When voters were asked if they would vote for the Democratic or Republican congressional candidate if the 2022 midterm election were held today, a plurality (49%) of voters said they would vote for the Republican candidate, while 42% would vote Democrat, and 9% are undecided.” Considering the way Democrats’ support is typically concentrated on the coasts and in urban areas, this spells disaster for the Democrats next year.