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Americans Think It's Time for Joe Biden to Go

Americans Think It's Time for Joe Biden to Go
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Joe Biden’s approval ratings are now underwater in the RealClearPolitics poll average and the FiveThirtyEight weighted poll average, but those are hardly the worst public opinion polls he has to deal with now.

According to a new Rasmussen Reports survey, a majority of voters, 52 percent, want Biden to resign over the botched withdrawal of Afghanistan.

The only bright spot for Biden is that most voters don’t like Kamala Harris and consider her unqualified to be president. Currently, her RealClearPolitics average is 49.3 percent unfavorable to 41.3 percent favorable, a spread of -8.0. Joe Biden’s spread is only -3.4. Harris is the only vice president to poll underwater this early. Mike Pence, Joe Biden, Dick Cheney, Al Gore, Dan Quayle, George H.W. Bush, and even Walter Mondale had higher ratings.

Another positive for Joe Biden is that Kamala Harris is undeniably linked to his decision to evacuate Afghanistan. Back in April, she practically tried to take credit for the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, personally confirming to CNN’s Dana Bash that she was “the last person in the room” with Biden before the decision to withdraw was made. Her blatant attempts to distance herself from the Afghanistan debacle have generated separate criticisms

“There are women being shot in the street for not wearing a burka by the Taliban,” Vivek Ramaswamy, the author of Woke, Inc., told Fox News last month. “And we have the first woman [vice] president of the United States. America celebrated it. This was an opportunity for her to emerge on the global stage as a leader, to call out the Taliban for their treatment of women. And she didn’t do it. She’s been completely absent.”

So, we’re essentially stuck between two bad options… until 2024.


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