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I Won't Apologize for Opposing the Transgender Fallacy

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

I’m sure by most standards I don’t get hate mail often, but I get my fair share. There’s always someone desperate to be triggered by something I’ve written about. But, perhaps more than any other topic, the transgender issue—the belief that one can change gender by simply identifying as the opposite sex—is probably the issue most like to get a reaction resulting in weirdos reaching out via email or social media.

Predictably, I got some in the wake of two recent articles I’ve written. The first was about how the media gushed over Ellen Page revealing her mutilated body on Instagram, and the other about unvaccinated people in a Michigan county “identifying as fully vaccinated” in order to go maskless.

One piece of hate mail I received in response to the Ellen Page story asked, “Why do you care? Maybe a little bit of projection there, eh? Maybe a little jealous that you want to transition and someone else had the guts to do it…?”

Ahhh, that must be it. I must be secretly transgender, itching to mutilate my own body to placate my own gender dysphoria! How did this person figure it out? I thought I hid it so well!

“People like you contribute nothing positive to our society, dude,” this person continued. “Or should I say ‘dude waiting to transition’?  STFU.”

Isn’t accusing someone of being transgender as a pejorative transphobic?

I got another message via Twitter that said, “You’re so rude, it costs $0 dollars to not write blatantly transphobic articles. Who hurt you?”

Imagine that—on the same day I was accused of being secretly transgender and being transphobic. It’s confusing, isn’t it? One consistency is the lack of an attempt to refute anything I’ve written on the subject. Instead, I’m accused of being in denial about being transgender, or of being transphobic. There’s no effort to have a discussion, just insults and suggestions that I shouldn’t even write what I write. This seems to be a common theme these days. There simply will not be any debate on this subject. Comply, comply, comply. “You can’t say that! You’re hurting someone’s feelings!” Yeah, well, try being be a heterosexual white male for a while and you’ll know what it’s really like when no one gives a hoot about your feelings.

Let me make something clear: I will not apologize for not buying into this transgender nonsense. I will not pretend that just because some people “feel” like they are the opposite gender that their biology says they are, then I must affirm their belief by referring to them by their preferred pronouns. If being transgender requires other people to validate your gender dysphoria, then maybe they’re not the problem.

Why is it that transgender people argue, on the one hand, that I should just live and let live, but then on the other, they want to force everyone else to validate their gender identity against my will and against biology? If calling yourself a woman when you really are a man or vice-versa makes you happy, why do you need me to affirm that? Did you see the way the media crawled over each other to validate Bruce Jenner’s transgender announcement by calling him “her” or Ellen Page’s transgender announcement by calling her “him”?

Most people laughed at Rachel Dolezal, a former NAACP chapter president, when she was outed in 2015 as being white when she claimed to be black. Now “transracial identity” is a thing that has its own Wikipedia page. It may not be as mainstream as transgenderism right now, but it will be eventually.

I have no qualms about wanting to nip this transgender nonsense in the bud. I will not call transgender people by their “preferred pronouns.” I will not pretend they are something they are not. If we’re not willing to stand up to the mob that wants to force us into submission, eventually we will lose the right to speak truth to power. Think that’s hyperbole? It’s not. In Canada, a man was jailed for “misgendering” his daughter because she prefers male pronouns and was undergoing gender transition.

We can do better than complying with nonsense out of fear of being called bigots.