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WATCH: Antifa Gets Violent at Trump Rally in Beverly Hills

(YouTube screenshot via SABO)

Conservative street artist Sabo was on the ground during a pro-Trump rally in the Trump stronghold (just kidding) of Beverly Hills, California, and captured a fight that broke out between a pro-Trumper and antifa terrorists who came to counter-protest.

“I’ve been hearing about these amazing Pro-Trump get-togethers in Beverly Hills, but never made one before,” Sabo told PJ Media. “I know I had to make this last one and boy was I not expecting how amazing it was. We’d heard antifa was on their way from Roxbury Park. They’d sent out fliers for people to rally. I was actually disappointed there were so few of them, no more than a hundred.”

Thousands of Trump supporters reportedly attended.

Sabo got a video of a fight that broke out during the rally.

“From the start, they were there to fight,” Sabo pointed out. “They’d be yelling at the Trump supporters, throwing a few things and finally I guess they got a few people to bite and the fight you see started up.”

According to Sabo, the Beverly Hills police put a stop to the fighting. “Minutes after this fight they declared an unlawful gathering on their antics, threatening them with arrest, which pushed them back and out of Beverly Hills.”

“We later marched the streets of Rodeo. Not one window was broken, no stores were looted, and no one was assaulted,” Sabo explained. “We are not the Left.”


Matt Margolis is the author of the new book Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trumpand the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattMargolis