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Jesse Watters Destroys Biden's Attempt To Brand Civil Unrest 'Trump Riots'

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Jesse Watters of Fox News absolutely destroyed the Biden’s campaign’s feeble attempts to rebrand the violent protests and civil unrest of the past three months the “Trump riots” during the Wednesday episode of The Five.

Noting how the polls show the race tightening since July because of Trump’s law-and-order messaging, Watters said, “Biden looks really defensive. He’s scrambling, following Trump to Kenosha, after saying he wouldn’t do that. And now he’s rushing out a panicked 45-million-dollar ad buy to defend himself against these law-and-order attacks that absolutely evaporated his polling lead in the battleground states.”

Watters then noted that Biden doesn’t look comfortable talking about the violence, and then noted the absurdity of his new messaging.

“He looks like he’s shifting his message back and forth. First, he sponsored the violence, then he ignored it, then he blamed Trump for it. The problem is this: he botched his Sister Souljah moment. He either is unwilling or unable to stand up to the left-wing radical mob and now he’s losing suburban women, Hispanics, blacks, and business owners of all races because of Black Lives Matter and antifa violence.”

Watters continued, “The messaging from his campaign is totally illogical. If this is a riot, why did you call it ‘peaceful’ all summer? If this was Trump rioters, why did you bail them out?”

Watters was referring to previous reports that Biden staffers had donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which used donations to pay bail fees for rioters in Minneapolis. Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, also promoted the group, encouraging Americans to donate. President Trump slammed Harris and Biden for their support of the group. “Kamala Harris encouraged Americans to donate to the so-called Minnesota Freedom Fund… which bailed out the rioters, looters, assaulters, and anarchists from jail,” Trump said. “And Biden’s staff did the same thing.”

“If you care so much about black lives, why did you say nothing about fifty people shot just now in Chicago?” Watters asked of Biden. “And if Trump is fanning the flames of violence, then why is he urging Democratic mayors and governors to accept the National Guard to stop the violence? None of the things that Biden has said has made any sense. People see it, and now it’s registering.”

Last week, CNN’s Don Lemon warned that Democrats shouldn’t ignore the riots because polling showed it was hurting them. Democrats virtually ignored the riots during their convention, referring to them only as peaceful protests.


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