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A Democrat Finally Explains Black-on-Asian Violence!

A Democrat Finally Explains Black-on-Asian Violence!
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We finally have the reason for all the black-on-Asian violence we’ve seen for decades: articulation!

Four black Philadelphia teen girls went on a rampage, attacking Asian kids. When an older Asian girl tried to stop the violence, the girls stomped her as well. She was sent to the hospital for head injuries.


Central High School principal Tim McKenna sent a letter to parents, offering “counseling” for kids and calling on political leaders and police to do more.

As I see it, until the guilty are punished, nothing will change. People need to be held responsible. Not today,…

A Philadelphia councilwoman, Democrat Helen Gym (who is Asian), knows why black people are pummeling Asians.

“There’s no question that they are emulating what they’re seeing, especially in terms of the violence and the scapegoating, in particular,” Councilwoman Gym stated. ”They are trying to articulate out what they need to see done better by institutions, including the school district, to address racial bias, intimidation.”

Basically, Gym is saying the violent black girls are victims, and the beatings are a way to “articulate” what others, not the attackers, need to do. Huh?

Apparently, Gym somehow doesn’t see that the black girls’ violence is the definition of racial bias and intimidation. Also, who is committing violence against these black girls, and who is “scapegoating” them?


This black-on-Asian violence isn’t new to Philadelphia. Twelve years ago, Asian students were getting beaten so often in Philadelphia schools that the Vietnamese Embassy complained to the U.S. State Department. When asked, students and school administrators blamed “language barriers” and “cultural differences” for the insane violence committed against Asian students. Again, the attackers were NOT to blame. Asian students, tired of racial violence, planned a walkout. Students boycotted school for eight days after 30 Asian kids were attacked on December 3, 2009.

FACT-O-RAMA! To combat black-on-Asian violence in Philly, a school superintendent once passed out brochures to Asian students, telling them how to not antagonize black kids.

In 2010, CNN wrote about the anti-Asian violence but referred to it as “racial tension” between black and Asian students, instead of calling it what it really is: black supremacy.

Philly has a long history of black-on-Asian violence, but the city isn’t alone. A 2008 survey of San Francisco Asian women showed that 85% of assaults against them were at the hands of black people. New York City has seen an explosion of black-on-Asian violence, which is up 335%. This CNN article fails to mention who is responsible for 85% of that violence.


I’ll say it again: If people aren’t held responsible for their violence, it will not end.

The lefty media does nothing to stop the brutality, nor do the politicians. Helen Gym, an Asian Democrat, is part of the problem. Victimizing the attackers is insane. What has changed since the Asian students boycotted classes in 2009? Clearly nothing.

These crimes are abhorrent, so I’ll leave you with a feel-good video. A man yelling at Asian people to “Go back to China” learns a lesson.


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