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That's One Down: CNN Settles with 'MAGA Hat Kid' Nick Sandmann

It’s been almost a year since the MAGA hat seen around the world. On January 18, 2019, the entire news media jumped all over this brief moment outside the Lincoln Memorial:

Nick Sandman faces down Nathan Phillips.

They all saw what they wanted to see: a Nazi in an evil MAGA hat, intimidating a helpless Native American man. Except that’s not what happened at all. That young man, Nick Sandmann, did nothing wrong. The other guy, activist Nathan Phillips, lied about the whole thing:

And our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press fell for those lies. They did their worst to ruin Sandmann’s life. If they had their way, he would’ve been expelled from his school, Covington Catholic. Hell, those vultures even dug up dirt on the school itself. They declared war on a group of children just for wearing MAGA hats. They even managed to turn cuck RINO traitors like me against them. They made Sandmann a hero to anybody who hates watching the media smear people they see as a threat to their political goals.

And it was a big mistake. Sandmann is fighting back, and it sounds like he just won his first victory against these bums. Fox 19 in Cincinatti reports:

CNN agreed Tuesday to settle a lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann.

The amount of the settlement was not made public during a hearing at the federal courthouse in Covington.

Sandmann’s lawsuit sought $800 million from CNN, the Washington Post and NBC Universal.

So that’s one down.

The next time some journo lectures you about falling for fake news or being mean to a child like Greta Thunberg, Google them and see what they said about Nick Sandmann. That kid is still owed a lot of apologies from a lot of media types.

And they wonder why we hate them?