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Jill Biden Praises Courage of Women Who Accused Joe of Groping

Jill Biden Praises Courage of Women Who Accused Joe of Groping
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Ol’ Slow Joe has been keeping a low profile lately, at least for a guy who’s running for president. Biden isn’t making as many public appearances as a lot of the other 450 Dem candidates are. I guess he figures that the less we see and hear him, the better his chances. Fortunately for those of us who consider Biden primarily a source of entertainment, his wife Jill is a pretty reliable gaffe machine too.

Now Jill is actually praising the women who’ve accused Joe of groping them. Rachel Frazin, The Hill:

“It took a lot of courage for women to step forward and say, you know, you’re in my space, and Joe heard that,” [Jill] Biden said while appearing on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah…”

“It just won’t happen again, he heard what they were saying,” Jill Biden said on Comedy Central.

That’s a hell of a campaign message: “It took a lot of courage for those women to stand up to my husband’s groping, and also, please vote for him.”

It definitely won’t happen again, though. In fact, it didn’t happen the day before Jill said it won’t happen again!

That didn’t happen, because Joe hears what women and girls are saying. He’s respecting other people’s physical and emotional boundaries by completely disregarding them, like always. You can tell he’s changed by the way he hasn’t at all changed.

Of course, none of this will matter if Joe gets the Democratic nomination. All their arguments about respecting women will go by the wayside. All their concerns about Republican candidates being too old for office will disappear, if their only choice is a dude who’s even older than Trump. They’ll use doublethink to excuse a guy who barely even engages in singlethink.

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