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Good News: Cops Nab DePauw's Rock-Arranging Racists

Last week I told you about the race hysteria currently gripping DePauw University in my home state of Indiana. Here are the shocking details, if you think you can handle them: Somebody wrote a racial epithet in a bathroom stall in a bar near campus, and then somebody spelled out the same word with rocks in a nearby park. And a sorority girl went out in public with purple glitter on her face. (I’m not sure how this last one fits into the whole “racism” scenario, but that probably just proves I’m a racist.)

This has led to several public spectacles at DePauw, like the following:

We still don’t know who committed Crime of the Century #1, but the cops have nabbed the perpetrators of Crime of the Century #2. Jenny Dreasler, WISH-TV in Indianapolis:

Three juveniles are accused of spelling out the “n-word” using rocks at DePauw University’s Nature Park, just off campus…

Putnam County Prosecutor, Tim Bookwalter, says three juveniles are believed to be responsible for the message left at DePauw Nature Park.

It’s a disturbing situation he’s still deciding how to prosecute, because spelling out the “n-word” using rocks isn’t clearly defined by Indiana law.

I can’t believe Indiana law is vague about the penalties for rearranging rocks in a public park to spell out something nasty. We do have the death penalty, don’t we?

So: Some kids spelled out a bad word with rocks, and the whole university went on Red Alert. DePauw administrators are very worried about the safety of students who had to hear about the dangerous rock formation, which was put there by unknown juveniles. Oh, and don’t forget the bathroom graffiti. And the girl with the purple glitter. Terrifying.

If these unidentified kids are white, that’s just further proof of endemic racism in America. If they’re not white, that’s just further proof of endemic racism in America.

Why do university administrators put up with this crap? Why are they walking on eggshells to avoid offending these screaming brats? If you bust into public meetings to chant, “WE ARE NOT SAFE,” you are, by definition, safe. If the only possible consequence of your public outbursts is that the people you’re screaming at don’t kneel at your feet quickly enough, you’re doing okay. Really. If the worst racism you’ve encountered lately is hearing about a bad word on a bathroom stall or a public park, you’re good. Seriously.

At least the “victims” of this “crime” now know that the perpetrators have been found. We never did learn the identity of the Poop Nazi at Mizzou. He, she, or they are still at large. And a lot of previous “hate crimes” on college campuses have turned out to be outright hoaxes. (My favorite is the “Klan hood” that was actually a sheet draped over some lab equipment.) But this time, it really did happen. Some “juveniles” really did spell out the n-word with rocks. It’s like the civil rights movement never happened, right?

None of this is to say that racism no longer exists. It does, and unfortunately, it always will. Some people, of all races, will always be bigoted against people of other races. That’s just human nature. But that doesn’t mean that every bad thing that ever happens is due to racism. And it certainly doesn’t mean you’re in danger just because you heard about some rocks in a park.

Throwing a screaming fit over stuff like this just inures people to actual racism. It only hurts real victims. The very word “racism” has been worn out from overuse. It’s practically meaningless.

But look on the bright side, libs. At this rate, you’ll have 7 more years of that “racist” Trump to deal with, which will give you plenty of excuses to flip out over nothing. It’s what you enjoy most, and what you do best.

P.S. Starbucks has settled out of court with those guys who got arrested for not buying anything. But no amount of groveling will ever be enough.

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