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Tucker Carlson Defends Chris Cuomo?

Tucker Carlson Defends Chris Cuomo?
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About an hour after big news broke that Chris Cuomo had been suspended indefinitely by CNN, Tucker Carlson was undoubtedly teed up to rant about Cuomo. However, he probably surprised his viewers  — and maybe himself — by defending the liberal anchor.

Carlson mocked Cuomo for his ego, being a phony, and his ongoing masking hypocrisy, then said Cuomo was let go because there’s no tolerance for displeasing billionaires like CNN President Jeff Zucker or elites at The Atlantic magazine, which called for Cuomo’s ousting 24 hours prior in a terse, but strong statement.

“The only thing you can’t do at CNN, and the thing they will never tolerate is displeasing the people in charge,” Carlson said in his opening monologue. “That means not simply Jeff Zucker, who runs the company, but the billionaires who run our country. If you cross them, you are done.”

The Fox News host claimed loyalty to family, which Cuomo showed, is an “alien concept” to many in the left-wing media, calling them “ruthless careerists who would betray anyone to get ahead.”

“Your first obligation is not to the state, it’s not a political party, or to your career, it’s to your family,” Carlson argued. “Cuomo may be an idiot but he understands that. Helping his brother is not the worst thing he ever did. In fact, it may have been the best thing he ever did. Not because Andrew Cuomo was a good person. He certainly wasn’t a good person. Andrew Cuomo was loathsome. But Andrew Cuomo was Chris Cuomo’s brother and that’s what you do with brothers, even the loathsome ones. You help them when they need it. Period.”

While some believe Cuomo will be back, Carlson concluded by elaborating on familial loyalty.

“Your most basic obligation is to the people you are related to,” he added. “When they need your help, no matter who they are — even if you’re the governor of a state, even if they’re horrible people — you help them anyway because it’s your family. Chris Cuomo may be an idiot — and he is — but he understands that.”

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