Winners of What is Vice President Biden Thinking? – Photo Caption Contest

On the eve of the next Presidential Debate we need to close the loop from last week’s VP Debate by announcing the winners of What is Vice President Biden Thinking? — Photo Caption Contest.


We had a terrific response, so thanks to all who entered.

And because we received so many fabulous submissions, there will be both Gold and Golden winners, along with Honorable Mentions.

The Gold winners were chosen by the all-knowing and all-powerful Dr. Spin, who, while rebranding the image of some very troubled A-list celebrity, took time away from his important work to judge our world-famous contest.

His two winning captions were… the envelope please…

God? You know I was joking about that lightning thing, right? …God?  Submitted by Alyric

” Barack slowed the rise of the seas but I”M GONNA MAKE IT RAIN!!!!”  Submitted by Chuck

Congrats to you both! Being anointed by Dr. Spin is a “BFD” to quote Joe Biden.

Here are the Golden winners chosen by someone almost as important as Dr. Spin.

 “More security?, Why Libya is only this big!”  Submitted by Laurie J

 … and Obama saw the oceans and they had receded. And it was good. … Submitted by David Gerstman

 ”And, to One World Socialism we offer up this thing called…America:  Submitted by cfbleachers


 I think I just felt Chris Mathews’ tingle in my plugs  Submitted by Cheri Hins

 And the Honorable Mentions are:

 I’m really a Catholic Lord, I swear  Submitted by Sara Nobel

I tune in to FDR TV with my arms as antennae. Another one by cfbleachers

Where are you, Big Bird!? You’re never around when I need you!  Submitted by Shawna

Touchdown!!!  Hey, I can be an NFL replacement referee, too  Submitted by jrswine

“But God, aren’t you supposed to look out for fools and idiots?” Submitted by Olderandwiser49

In the newly created, “Oh, this is SO, SO bad category” the winner is:

I see my Lord and he has a tail.  Another submission by that naughty Sara Noble

Now, you all go rest up and recharge your bats for the next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest!






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