Hypocrite Megyn Kelly: 'I Have No Political Ideology. I'm A Soulless Lawyer At Heart'

Megyn Kelly (AP Photo/Chris Carlson, File)

Sure, Megyn:

I am not an ideologue. I always laugh because when I was coming up the ranks at Fox News, the left thought I was always in the tank for the Republicans because they always see you through a certain prism. And then during this year of Donald Trump, now the right thinks I’m in the tank for the Never Trumpers or the liberals. But the truth is, I’m not in the tank, I’m not swimming in the tank at all. I’m off to the side of the tank. I don’t even have my bathing suit on. I’m just watching the tank…I have no political ideology. I’m a soulless lawyer at heart. I can see both sides of every argument.


All those who believe Megyn, please raise your hand. No one. Ah. That’s what I thought.

I watched the debates and I’ve watched quite a lot of  “The Kelly File.” As such, I know what her ideology is: establishmentarianism. That’s what Megyn Kelly is all about. She loves the establishment of both parties. That’s clear from the way she approaches them … and that’s also one of the major reasons why Rupert Murdoch loves her as much as he does; after all, he too is an establishmentarian. The only reason Fox News eventually decided to support Trump is that they realized they couldn’t bring him down. When you can’t beat them, join them.

Of course, none of that means that Megyn isn’t a good journalist. She is. But why the act? We’re living in 2016. Literally nobody says journalists should be neutral; we just want them to be open, honest, and transparent about their prejudices and beliefs. It’s a pity Kelly doesn’t take her viewers seriously enough to do so.



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