Cologne Police Chief Forced Into Early Retirement Over Sex Assaults on New Year's Eve

FILE - In this Oct. 23, 2015 file picture, the head of Cologne police, Wolfgang Albers, attends a news conference, in Cologne , Germany. German media are reporting that Cologne's police chief will leave amid criticism of his force's handling of a string of New Year's Eve assaults and robberies. News agency dpa and Cologne's Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper reported Friday Jan. 8, 2016 that Wolfang Albers will enter early retirement. ( Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa via AP,file)

Cologne’s police chief, Wolfgang Albers, has been forced into early retirement over his handling of mass sexual abuse of German women on New Year’s Eve. Before resigning, Albers admitted that mistakes were made in an early report about the sexual assaults. North Rhine-Westphalia’s governing cabinet will make Albers’ retirement effective on Tuesday, but police officials made clear there’s no chance of him returning to his job.


And rightfully so.

After the horrendous assaults — which resulted in 170 women filing complaints for robbery and sexual assault, with at least two of them saying they were raped by a group of 1,000 men consisting mostly of immigrants and asylum seekers — Albers and his fellow police officers did everything in their power to minimize the PR damage it would do to the immigrant community in their city.

Sadly for Albers, it was announced today that at least 31 of the men identified thus far were immigrants, 18 of whom were asylum seekers. That’s undoubtedly what cost him his job.

What’s more, critics also say that the police handled the assaults badly on New Year’s Eve itself, with officers not even knowing what was going on. As a result, the sexual assaults, rapes and robberies could continue until the immigrant men became bored and decided to wage a war on the police by throwing rocks and fireworks at them. Even then police were not prepared or able to deal with the violence.


Clearly Albers was responsible for this mess, which is why it’s good to see that he has been sacked. However, he’s not the only one who’s to blame. The most important person responsible is Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor. It is she who’s been advocating for more immigration, and who told Middle Eastern adventurers they were welcome in Germany. Without her appalling leadership and ideological devotion to political correctness and Grand Multicultural Fantasy, these attacks could never have happened.


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