[WATCH] GOP Nevada Lt. Gov Candidate Tackled by Mask Police at Public Meeting

Image via Twitter

Mack Miller, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Nevada, was violently assaulted by security officers at a Clark County public meeting.


The incident occurred after security harassed protesters in the meeting, including some women. Miller stood up and asked security to back away and stop intimidating the protesting citizens. The protest erupted after the Clark County board voted 5-2 that “COVID misinformation” was a “public health crisis.” Protesters rightly believe that the board has no right to vote away the First Amendment right to speak about certain topics, including their theories on COVID and what is or is not “misinformation.”

When Miller would not back down, security officers violently dragged him from the meeting and threw him through a metal detector. Miller can be seen on the video having a difficult time recovering from the attack, Members of the crowd called 911. Miller’s medical status is unknown at this time.


Miller can be heard on the video shouting, “You’re not going to shove me around anymore…[indecipherable]…and there’s no way you’re going to stop me from protecting these people’s f***ing rights. Do you understand me?”

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Footage leading up to the event can be seen in the YouTube video below.


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