AOC Unironically Wears 'Tax the Rich' Gown to Bougie Met Gala

AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Can AOC get any more ridiculous? Here she is attending the Met Gala with the uber-rich (herself included) wearing a gown that says….wait for it….”Tax the Rich.” Sigh.


How many of you could afford to go to the Met Gala, I wonder? So while she’s profiting off her access to the super wealthy and the culture they create, she’s also sending a message that she wants to punish them for being wealthy… and they all love it. Of course, that’s not really what she means. She doesn’t mean “tax my donors until they bleed.” This is just marketing for her. What she really means is “tax the middle class” until we become a lower class. That’s always the Democrats’ plan. When they say, “tax the rich,” they’re really just targeting the suburbs. They never actually target Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg, or anyone else on their friends’ list—those with yachts they get invited to (or Gala events—Zuckerburg and Instagram sponsored this one).

This is so typical. What a poseur. Some of the responses are great. “I do wonder though, how much do you think that designer dress cost?” asked Janet Schijns.

“‘Tax the rich,’ she says on her 100k dress put together by a team and got in with her 3k ticket,” wrote Trey Schulte. I have to correct Mr. Schulte. Tickets this year were $30,000. 


By the way, where’s her mask? Where are any of these people’s masks? We’re all suffering under renewed masking, while these people get to party barefaced? Who do they think they are? Nancy Pelosi?

This year’s Gala is an extravagant affair to honor the fashion moguls suffering under COVID. No, really. The New York Times quoted Andrew Bolton of the Met’s Costume Institute saying, “We very consciously wanted this to be a celebration of the American fashion community, which suffered so much during the pandemic.” They’re not interested in all the mom-and-pop shops that went belly up, it’s fashion designers who suffered. That’s not tone deaf at all.

Lew Bookman pointed out the hilarious irony of AOC complaining about “the rich,” tweeting, “You are the rich. Get back to your golden covered side of the tracks.” He pointed out AOC’s huge $174k salary that puts her in the top 5% of earners in America. 

But my favorite detail that some smart person noticed was the similarity in the design to our favorite chicken joint.

(Twitter screenshot @HeussTarah)

The next time you hear AOC or any of her colleagues complaining about “the rich,” remember who they hang out with. It’s never plumbers or waitresses. It’s always royalty, Hollywood celebrities, or the Rothschilds. Don’t believe them when they say they don’t like the rich. The rich are their best friends, the ones they aspire to be (and usually become before they leave office).

But on a positive note, the fashion at the Met Gala is truly cool. Check out Iman. I don’t know how she’s going to sit down, but this is fun. It sure beats the heck out of whatever was going on at the VMAs last night.



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