Weekly Good News Round-Up! AI Dreaming, Meme Farming, and Hurricane Vacations

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Happy Saturday! So I’m a day late…shut up.


The great news in my life is that Mr. Fox and I have been married 21 years as of this week and we are finally taking our 20th-anniversary trip that got delayed last year due to COVID awfulness. We are literally on the way as I type this from the passenger side of the mister’s truck that’s, hauling a trailer for two. We are headed to parts of the country we’ve never seen and, unbelievably, into the eye of Hurricane Henri…while camping…for real. That’s not good news for me, but I thought it might make you chuckle. We brought rain gear, but we figure that even if it is raining nonstop we’ll still be alone without bickering children and I stocked the trailer with my favorite whiskey. How bad could it be?



I’ll have a full report when I get back (if we survive it).

Nobody bought the bomber with no bomb

It’s great news when terror attacks don’t happen. The weird dude in front of the Library of Congress didn’t have any explosives on him and no one was hurt. I can say now that when I first saw him I felt very strongly that whatever he was claiming was total BS. Glad it turned out that way. If you want to laugh really hard, read this article at The Nation entitled, “Why are We Minimizing the Story of the Would-Be Capitol bomber?” Well, I’m no expert but maybe because nothing happened, no bombs were detonated, and it’s a non-story? But it’s worth it for side-clutching prose like this.

Maybe it’s not a big story. Now it seems like it’s just one guy. The police say the apparent bomb wasn’t one…Roseberry did exhibit the “economic anxiety” so many pundits have claimed motivated Trump voters, to be honest. He complained about his health insurance, which no longer paid for what he said was serious knee pain, or for coverage for his wife’s skin cancer because it was deemed “cosmetic.”…But he’s clearly part of a cult that honors the disgraced, twice-impeached ex-president Donald Trump.

“Clearly”? I do not think that word means what the author thinks it means. I don’t know too many Republicans who run around complaining about the lack of free healthcare, but whatever. I got a laugh out of it. Perhaps mostly because no one on the conservative side of Twitter believed this guy was any kind of threat to begin with, and instead of hyperventilating, we were laughing at FBI memes.

Speaking of Memes…

Jesse Kelly outdid himself this week starting a funny meme thread that you will get lost in for hours replenishing your armory of memes. There are amazing memes in here. Have fun, meme farmers.

Rosie the Robot via Elon Musk?

Elon Musk announced that he’s got some new humanoid AI robots that can do boring and repetitive tasks. If this brings us one step closer to me having my very own Rosie the Robot, Jetson’s style, I don’t even care that it might kill me in my sleep. At least the dishes would be done.

Sing the Hours!

For my Catholic peeps out there I have found the greatest YouTube channel on earth. This incredibly gifted guy sings the Liturgy of the Hours for you every day. If you are looking to deepen your prayer life, as Kruiser and I were talking about on his podcast this week, this is a great way to do it. For non-Catholics out there, the Liturgy of the Hours includes the prayers of the church that are being prayed all over the world by all kinds of orders such as monks and nuns and they are different every day. Laypeople can participate as well and following along on YouTube is by far the easiest way to do it. The “Sing the Hours” channel is terrific.

In these terrible times we’ve all been living through, prayer and meditation are definitely among the best ways to stay grounded and sane. I highly recommend it.

While you’re praying, pray for Mr. Fox and me since we are traveling into the first hurricane to hit the East Coast in 30 years. I’m sure it will be fine but I’d appreciate the extra prayers anyway. Be good to each other, avoid politics at parties, and get outside as much as you can to stare at the clouds. It’s good for you.




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