The Kruiser Kabana Episode 143: Super-Catholic Convert Megan Fox Kicks Off 'Kabana Faith Week'

Shaking Things Up

Now that Joe Biden has expanded his “let’s ruin everything” plan to include the entire planet, I thought I’d take a couple of episodes to focus on things that transcend this world. I don’t write much having to do with faith anymore, but I do like talking to people about religion and their journeys.


My friend and colleague Megan Fox is a fairly recent convert to Roman Catholicism. I’ve met a lot of new converts to Catholicism in the conservative movement over the last ten years and am always intrigued by their different stories about how they came to the Church.

Megan and I have also been discussing the ongoing family feud in the Roman Church that’s been sparked by the rise in popularity of the traditional Latin Mass, which was almost completely abandoned after Vatican II. We both have takes that don’t fit in with the main sides of the rift and I wanted to explore them here.

It’s not your standard Kabana fare, and I think most know I can be a bit of an arrogant Catholic, but we made it fun.

On the next episode, Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel will be joining me to discuss his recent conversion to the Eastern Orthodox Church.