WINNING: J.K. Rowling's Publisher Refuses to Require Trans 'Re-education' Classes, so a Bunch of Crybabies Quit

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J.K. Rowling is turning out to be the unlikely savior of free speech after withstanding the mob for her belief that being female is a biological reality and not a mental mindset. She continues to stand against the constant onslaught of the thought police, who insist everyone conform to far-left radical ideas. The latest act of bravery is her publishing company’s decision to let authors go who demanded the company send their employees to pro-transgender re-education for the crime of supporting an author who has different opinions than the mob does. Instead, the social-justice warrior authors can go find another publisher. Bravo!


Blair Partnership, the publisher, said in a statement reported in The Guardian,

In its response, the Blair Partnership said it took pride in the diversity of views represented by their authors but it could not compromise on the “fundamental freedom” of allowing authors the right to express their thoughts and beliefs.

A spokeswoman said it would always champion diverse voices and believe in freedom of speech for all but it was not willing to have staff “re-educated” to meet the demands of a small group of clients.

This is exactly how the mob should be treated in any situation. Some people are noticing it.

Will corporate America take the hint? Just say no!

It helps that J.K. Rowling is basically uncancelable.

Twitchy has a great summary of this developing story.

JK Rowling in Trouble for Believing in Human Biology



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