Most Embarrassing Photos From 'The Women Who Love Abortion and Hate Trump' March

They’re at it again. The minority population of women determined to make the rest of us look like mental patients is marching around in their vagina costumes in the deep-blue cities again (where the voices of the rest of America are suppressed and ignored).


Please recall that these are the same women who claimed to be offended by the use of the word “pus*y,” and yet one of the rallying projects for this march was to knit your own “pus*y hat.” And they wonder why no one takes them seriously.

Frankly, with this few brain cells and their inability to comprehend irony, they deserve smaller paychecks. Perhaps the worst thing about these marches (and it’s hard to pick just one terrible, awful, horribly bad thing because there are so many) is the fact that the “women” they represent are not diverse at all. They are the women of the left (Democrats) only. No other women need apply (and according to them no other women exist). The media is out in force declaring it to be the biggest march in history with all women everywhere united against Trump and for all the left-wing agenda items! If that is true, then who were the women who voted in massive numbers on Election Day against all those things? Who was this march missing?

Women like the New Wave Feminists who are pro-life were disinvited. Other pro-life women’s groups were told not to come. There were no women’s gun rights groups in attendance. I didn’t see any Catholic women’s signs. So the only women these marches included were women who march in lockstep with left-wing, Democrat ideology.


Newsflash for the terminally slow: THIS IS WHY YOU LOST. You ignore and excoriate the multitudes of the women on the planet who disagree with you at your peril. There are millions of us out here. Instead of talking to us, you ban us. Instead of reaching out to see if we can find common ground, you treat us like we do not exist, and when we smoke you in an election, you blame it on the Russians!

We are mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and daughters and we have women’s reproductive organs (that we don’t like to run around exposing). We disagree with you broads in every way politically and so we are silenced and banned. We aren’t losing any sleep over it because this is seriously not our scene.

What an embarrassing display of vulgarity and naked partisanship. This was a march against Trump and for abortion. That’s it. The following are the worst of the worst photos from the event to show you. If you were laboring under some false assumption that this was some general “women’s rights” march, you were seriously misled. So unless you’re a radical, pro-abortion, man-hating, Trump-hating, Christian-bashing ideologue, you shouldn’t have been there.

[WARNING: Graphic language and images below]

Let’s start off the day insulting as many Christians as possible by desecrating the Virgin Mary. Satan would be proud.


Don’t forget the profanity. Profanity required!

We’re not sure what you’re protesting now, Star Moon Flower, but you could have stayed home.


This march is all about love, or something.


Did this dad not see the multitude of women equating themselves to vaginas? I’m confused.


It wouldn’t be a highly sexualized event without the Patron Saint of Whoring, Miley Cyrus, leading the charge for the butchers of Planned Parenthood.


This one is just funny. Where do we get these free razors and why did no one tell me?


Because pus*y wasn’t offensive enough!


I can’t even.


When protesting for women’s rights, it’s helpful if your main organizer isn’t a proponent of Sharia law, which would see women publicly stoned for marching in the street wearing vagina costumes or just showing an ankle.

This sums up what these protests are really about. The Left is announcing its intentions toward straight, white, heterosexual, Christian, pro-life America. But of course, we knew this, which is why…Trump. The time for sitting down and shutting up is far past, snowflakes. You went too far.



Mostly, the march is about hating the new president.


Oh good. The vagina costumes are back. Nothing makes people respect women more than looking at them as giant vaginas.


Notice there are no Second Amendment signs here. No women protesting for gun rights, just strange depictions of vaginas with teeth, which, if I’m not totally missing something, is not a thing and will not protect you from rape like a loaded .38 in your holster. But that’s just my opinion an indisputable fact that shouldn’t get in the way of female fantasies.


Why are they so obsessed with female sex organs?


No, we feel violated after having seen this.


Amazingly stupid.


Abortion! Abortion! Abortion!


But abortion is a sacrament to the feminist Left. (I was wondering when the dildos would come out. That took awhile!)


Why must they always be so vile?






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