REPORT: Barack Obama Is Telling Joe Biden to Quit the 2024 Race

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Earlier this month, we learned that Barack Obama advised Joe Biden on how to beef up his reelection campaign. Now, he appears to have given up all hope for Biden's struggling campaign. 


The former president and other allies of Biden's have advised him "to quit the 2024 race to save America and the Democratic Party," according to a report from RadarOnline.

"Insiders snitched that tensions between the two presidents recently exploded after irate Obama rushed to a secret meeting and confronted Biden about his fading chances to fend off surging Republican candidate Donald Trump in the upcoming November election," explains the report.

Incredibly, Joe seems almost oblivious to the lack of excitement about his campaign and cratering approval ratings. Recent polls show a scant 38 percent of American's approve of his performance with a whopping 58 percent holding a negative opinion of his work.

Meanwhile, Trump, 77, has seized a lead in some national polls despite being under indictment on 91 charges and openly declaring he wants to be a dictator.

In desperation, sources said Obama bellowed at bumbling Biden to go on the attack — and make sure trusted aides are constantly by his side on the campaign trail to keep them from committing the disastrous gaffes that have defined his presidency.

"The Obamas are convinced Joe's lost his grip," an insider confided. "He looks more feeble and clueless every day, and they know he's lost the confidence of the public."

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Another contributing factor to the complete collapse in confidence in Biden from his allies is the latest scandal involving the absence of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, which Biden was unaware of for days, raising serious questions about how things are run in the Biden White House.

The fact that his Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin went missing for days during prostate cancer treatment only added to Biden's problems as the White House was forced to admit the president was left in the dark. Austin's lack of communication raised shocking accusations that Biden was asleep at the wheel.

"It's frightening on so many levels," a Washington source claimed. "The fact that the president was clueless about a four-day absence of one of the most important members of his cabinet is staggering."

Biden is now the oldest serving president in American history and continues to show his age. In one stunning incident, he forgot what he was doing while placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and had to be directed by soldiers on duty. [...] 

After the frightening episode, sources say Obama huddled with his former senior adviser and top Democratic strategist David Axelrod, who's been a vocal critic of Biden's ability to do the job.

"Obama is letting Axelrod be his public mouthpiece about Joe's incompetence and declining mental capacities," dished the insider. "Meanwhile, he and Michelle are working behind the scenes to take him out."


While I would certainly say that this report should be taken with a grain of salt, there's overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden's prospects for victory are extremely slim. His approval ratings are the worst of any modern president seeking reelection. Polls have shown Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee, beating Joe Biden in national match-up polls. Trump also has a +3.8-point lead over Biden in the RealClearPolitics average — his highest lead yet. 

But that's not all. Trump also leads Biden in battleground state polling, and CNN currently projects that Donald Trump is likely to win at least 272 Electoral College votes with three toss-up states remaining: Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. That's a devastating projection for Joe Biden.

I would say there are plenty of reasons to believe this report. Will Biden listen? I wouldn't count on it. The warning signs have been there for a long time, and the ideal time for him to step back has long passed.


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