Here’s How Fox News Has Pandered to the Trans Cult

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According to a company handbook dated January 2021, Fox News allows its employees to use restrooms that correspond to their “gender identity” rather than their biological sex. Additionally, employees are allowed to dress in accordance with their preferred gender and must be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns while at work. The handbook, which was leaked to The Daily Signal,  also outlines various policies, including assistance in creating a “Workplace Transition Plan,” to support employees during their gender transition in the workplace.


These policies are just the latest in a string of revelations about the company that has alienated its core audience. Conservative critics have previously expressed concerns regarding Fox Digital’s usage of trans-activist language, such as “gender-affirming care,” in its online articles. They have also criticized the consistent use of female pronouns for individuals like Dylan Mulvaney and Lia Thomas, who are biological males who identify as transgender.

Notably, last year, Carley Shimkus on Fox & Friends First used feminine pronouns to describe a rapist called “Demi” Minor, who had impregnated two inmates in a women’s prison.

“Listen to this,” began Shimkus. “A transgender woman incarcerated at woman’s only prison has been moved to another facility after impregnating two female inmates. Demi Minor is now serving time at [a] young adults correctional facility where she is now the only female inmate.”

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Shimkus wasn’t the only one to use feminine pronouns for the male rapist.

“The transgender inmate says the sex with the two women prisoners was consensual and is now blasting the New Jersey Department of Corrections, accusing them of harsh injustice for transferring to a youth correctional facility where she is the only woman,” reported Lauren Green later that day on Fox News’ America Reports. “Minor is a transgender woman serving 30 years for the stabbing death of her foster father 11 years ago, who she says sexually abused her.”


Fox also faced significant backlash for an on-air segment in June 2022 that praised a child’s gender transition, positively depicted California state Sen. Scott Weiner, a radical leftist who previously authored a bill loosening statutory rape laws in the name of LGBTQ inclusivity, and highlighted the claim that failure to transition children with gender identity disorder increases the risk of suicide. A Swedish study from 2011 found that minors who transition actually have double to triple the risk of suicide. Earlier this year, a study confirmed that so-called “gender-affirming care” for children has no medical benefits.

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“Employees who are transitioning their gender have the right to be open about their transition if they so choose, and to work in an environment free of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, and without fear of consequences or transphobia for living openly,” the Fox News handbook reads. The handbook outlines numerous LGBTQ terms, such as cisgender, gender expression, gender-fluid, gender identity, gender non-conforming, gender transition, LGBTQ, non-binary, and transgender. It also cites the Human Rights Campaign, a radical LGBTQ organization in the United States, as a key source of its information. Fox News routinely cites its perfect score from HRC in employee training materials.


The Daily Signal notes that Fox’s policies seem to be in accordance with the legal obligations set forth in New York City, where the company is based. Under the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL), employers are mandated to utilize the name, pronouns, and title preferred by an individual, regardless of their biological sex. Intentionally or persistently refusing to use a person’s preferred name, pronouns, or title is considered a violation of the NYCHRL.


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